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Han Lier new 5G concept health bra, leading the new trend of healthy underwear . Han Lier breast-protection bra will be "green, breast health, fashion trends," and other topics and elements deeply into the underwear culture, breast, breathable, comfortable and healthy, can effectively improve the breast space, balance the breast surface by The environment, promote breast blood circulation, a comprehensive care of female breast, long-term wear has a good effect of preventing breast cancer.


Traditional sewn bra traditional craftsmanship, fashion design, makeup the most classic charm of a woman. Han Lier traditional sewn bra integrated use of lace, bow, embroidery, hit color, stripes, ultra-low center of the chicken, broadening the ratio of various traditional or fashion underwear elements, style design, color patterns rich and varied, different Series have different flavors to meet the preferences of different women's underwear.

Modern urbanite life rhythm accelerate, people demand for tableware also increased. For the practical function of tableware is more and more attention. Bamboo fiber Tableware, all the ingredients are natural environmental protection material, the use cycle finished product degradation process is simple, is advantageous to the improvement of soil, really back to nature. With the principle of "using supplemented, decoration" to carry on the design, modelling concise and easy, is quite popular among all kinds of people.


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