Season wind Monsoon Women 2015 Shenzhen Fashion Week Fr…

In the 2015 Shenzhen Fashion Week, SEASON WIND brings new elements to fashion, inspired by FREELAND WANDERER (Future Space Time), unfolds the wings of imagination, creates a romantic and dreamlike starry sky, and creates a unique fashion of SEASON WIND. style. The SEASON WIND theme for the autum-----

What is the reason why the domestic luxury goods market…

"Chanel's spread in Europe and China is nearly 40%, mainly because of tariffs." This is similar to the statement that luxury goods are expensive and blamed on high tariffs. You believe it is naive! This reporter learned that for such imported luxury goods, only 10% of the tar-----

Jay Chou's wedding in Taipei, everyone is looking f…

Jay Chou and Kun Ling reissue the wedding banquet in Taiwan on February 9th, banqueting Taiwanese entertainment circle seniors and friends. The wedding banquet is set beside the pool pool, arranged in a fantasy amusement park style. There are popcorn machines and carousels-----

Put on light jewellery and let your child change easily

"Wang Zi Cheng Long, Wang Nu Cheng Feng" is a Chinese saying. Every parent wants children to have achievements. For ourselves and for the next generation, we have reason to support green power. But how do we deal with this problem before the whole trend changes? -----

Lithuanian Travel Expert: Welcome to the Amber Town to …

China Shandong Network March 20 (Reporter Dong Li) said that to travel to Europe, most Chinese tourists will prefer the United Kingdom, France, Italy and other countries. However, as Edita Gaigaliene, chief expert of the Marketing Department of the Ministry of Economic Aff-----

The slightest achievement of the beauty of jade

Jade is a kind of jewellery, and its value and beauty are loved by everyone. If you know the jadeite, you know that the flawless jade is very rare, and every jade object has its defects. This is what everyone calls "defect beauty." When it comes to the beauty of -----

The difference between chalcedony and quartz

Chalcedony and common crystals are all compounds of silica. What is the relationship between them? The minerals of the quartz family are common rock-forming minerals on earth. These kinds of things are crystal, agate, jasper and opal. , silicified wood, etc., quartz is a s-----