How to distinguish platinum? Experts make authoritative…

Marriage is the most important thing in a lifetime. Many newcomers will choose “Platinum in love metal to witness their pure and eternal love. But some people are easily misled when they buy, and other white metals such as white gold are used as platinum. , suffering-----

Oscar de la Renta 2015 Autumn Winter Campaign

Oscar de la Renta Oscar de la Renta 2015 autumn and winter advertising release, this is the new advertising director after taking office the first advertising campaign, invited old supermodel Carolyn Murphy interpretation of the brand autumn and winter new dress, from gorgeous dress to a neat short-----

Afraid to be "colored" amber? 4 kinds of iden…

Afraid to be "colored" amber? The end of China Jewelry Merchants Network to teach you four ways to identify, to ensure that you do not regret it! 1. Discover "Myanmar Blood Blue Perth" During this time, a friend asked me if I knew "Myanmar Blue B-----

This year's lucky destiny to wear underwear style

People of this life year should be more careful, say that the luck of this life year will not be too good, then in order to change such bad luck, people choose the red to embellishment, red is a kind of evil spirits, but also on behalf of the festive, wearing red Outer clothing may have been unabl-----

I heard that the rupee is not the usual red tourmaline.

Among the colorful tourmaline families, Rubellite's status is very special. Not only has the Chinese and English bilingual names of Rubellite and Ruby, but also captures countless hearts in dazzling and beautiful colors, becoming one of the most popular members of the -----

Fudan baby children's blue series of cool

What are your first thoughts of blue? Is the magnificent sea, or the boundless sky? Blue is an eternal pop, deep or light, or solid or color, and for any one child, there is always one blue that is best for him or her. In this season's summer, the children 's clothing series Fudou baby are-----

ECA Women's new momentum has shown new success

Soon after June, ECA brand women surprise constantly, then the arrival of July, we are also concerned about the issue of women to join in July is to join the season it? How to create the success of July? Then let us ECA brand women to tell you, ECA brand women usher in signing a small climax in Ju-----