Home textile purchase common sense

In fact, for the bed, its landscape requires several sheets and quilt covers. The pillowcases compete with each other. The color of the bedroom in the home is mainly from bedding. We can choose different styles, different colors, different textures of the bedspread sheets, actually in the purcha-----

December 2012 Cotton Tariff Rate Adjustment

The People's Bank of China authorized the China National Security Center to announce that on November 21, 2012, the middle price of the inter-bank *** market exchange rate was: 1 US dollar = 6.2908 yuan***, so the import and export tariff rate for December 2012 Will be calculated as $1-----

Introduction to insulation and insulation textiles

Isolation and insulation textiles are textiles that have or have both isolation and insulation properties. Isolation generally refers to heat insulation, fire prevention, and smoke blocking. Asbestos is the most used in the past; insulation generally refers to the insulation of electrical appli-----

Fendiya: to create comfortable and innovative fashion u…

Fendiya company "to lead the fashion trend underwear and create a perfect life of mankind" for the mission. Integrity based, innovation Zhiyuan as the company's core culture, focusing on the development of corporate culture and staff team building, with popular design, sophisticated -----

Andiapple Kids Casual Sport is crafted for kids

Children's clothing brand ANDIAPPLE, the first Korean children's clothing brand in Korea in 2011; its product style, quality and cost-effective by the love of Korean parents. British-style clothing simple wild, to meet the needs of contemporary children's dressing. Hooded casual jerseys-----

January-September Venezuelan largest exporter of Peruvi…

According to Peru’s official statistics, the amount of Peru’s exports to Venezuela from January to September this year was approximately US$445 million, an increase of 113.8% compared to the same period last year. This figure shows that Venezuela surpassed the United States a-----

Babbean's cartoon of the same name goes online in J…

Recently, we learned from Jinjiang Qierte Children's Products Co., Ltd. that the company has begun shooting the same-name cartoon "Babbean" for its brand and is expected to be broadcast in the Central 1 set, Central 7 sets, and the Central Children's Channel in January next year. -----