Italian luxury brand Ferragamo lands next month

High-end e-commerce show catwalk announced on its official Sina Weibo that it has obtained the official authorization from Salvatore Ferragamo, the top Italian luxury brand, and the authorized store will officially visit its website on October 11. The marketing staff of Ferragamo Fashion Trading (S-----

"Fine handwork and beautiful tailoring" to cr…

European children's wear design will be pure French clothing art into children's wear, with "fine hand and beautiful tailoring," created elegant O'KIDS, describes the dream of Rose Princess. O'KIDSCLUB brand as a new mode of operation of the domestic brand, with its unique-----

Defina underwear to women as lover-like tender care

Underwear for modern women, it is not just simple clothes. Underwear on the gentle care of women, intimate contact, accompanied by day and night, a good underwear to women like a warm feeling of general lover. Therefore, love their own women, inevitably higher requirements of underwear. Defina und-----

Yi Fei Ya autumn new fashion female spokesperson

The beauty of women has always been based on the times, elegant, beautiful words are never out of date, that handsome, capable, it is the latest popular bar, they interpret the urban women more and more independent image. Age Positioning: 25-40-year-old knowledge of women The main consumer gro-----

BSG city social and leisure, create a new fashion trend

Nowadays, fashion information has been unprecedentedly erupted, the fashion industry is changing, fierce collisions between different trends, and changes in fashion culture have put new demands on the dress of urban youth. It can be said that the dress has largely determined the success or failure -----

2013 underwear trends: black and white

Lead: Color can be considered a top priority for ready-to-wear garments, but what can be more classic than black and white? The elegance of black skirts and white wedding dresses, nobleness and elegance have always been classic two-color keywords for underwear. Also used. The addition and collocati-----

Spanish children's wear brand MAYORAL2012 autumn an…

The Spanish children's wear MAYORAL new performance urban children's fashion vitality, promote the correct concept and method of children's education for the children's healthy and happy growth. Spanish children's wear brand MAYORAL2012 autumn and winter baby clothes new 2012 a-----