Five characteristics of silk quilt

After long-term research, the special "silk" SERJCIN component contained in natural silk has anti-allergic and skin-friendly effects. The long-term use of silk quilts can promote human health. There are five main aspects: One is to promote sleep. The sericin component of silk contain-----

High Heels Health Lecture Hall

(This site - shoes and life) Women like to wear high heels, because high heels can increase the height, make up for short shortcomings, that is, the body is not short people, put on high heels will appear more slender body. At the same time, wearing high heels can also help people chest and abdome-----

Red Bean Men's Pursuit of Design Concept is Younger…

Recently, the 9th China (Wuxi) International Industrial Design Expo opened at the Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center. Domestic and foreign industrial design and creative resources gathered together to present the grand occasion of industrial design creativity and traditional industries. During t-----

Haijia Shi brand women's first choice to join ventu…

Business preferred discount women's dress of course choose Haijia Shi discount! A million investment, of course, Haijia Shi women discount! Haijia Shi discount women's dream of your life! Haijia Shi brand discount women will create their own discount kingdom! Professional to create high-en-----

Common mistakes in the decoration of the living room

First, the living room should not be too many lights . In the current home decoration, many working families are pursuing the beauty brought by the lights. So they installed as many spotlights as possible in the home decor. But in fact this is a big mistake. First of all, too-----

HelenModa blue women's 2012 autumn and winter new b…

HelenModa Blue Women's 2012 Autumn/Winter new style is mainly for independent and self-confident urban women aged 25-38. They have diversified values, know how to enjoy life, and are willing to try. They are women who are pursuing fashion but also have a living temperament; they have a complex -----

Typhoon Sea Anemone Affects Jiangsu and Zhejiang Polyes…

Today, “Anemone” kissed Zhejiang, but also inhibited the sales atmosphere of some manufacturers. However, Xiao Shao’s area still rose by RMB 50-150/ton today. At present, Xiao Shao half light FDY150D/96F reported 11250-11350 yuan / ton; POY150D/96F reported 11550-11650 -----