Hanpai Garment won the "China Famous Brand"

The reporter learned yesterday from the Wuhan Garment Association that one of the Han textiles' leading enterprises, which has a 22-year history of “Taihwa” clothing, recently obtained the “China Famous Brand” title recognized by the Trademark Office of the Stat-----

Faint fragrance of retro feelings Massimo Dutti 2011 ne…

Open Massimo Dutti December 2011 Men's Lookbook, as if into a romantic romantic coffee house in the classical atmosphere, which is a touch of aroma, not strong, not pungent ... ... with a retro style of low-key simplicity is Massimo Dutti 2011 December men's attitude of expression. Feel the-----

Join the bear B Qi brand children's wear, let you c…

Bear B children's clothing brand from Europe's top children's clothing brand to children in the economically developed regions distinctive personality, self-affirmation, enjoy the diversification and mental health as the entrepreneurial tone. "Bear B Qi" children's clothin-----

Pearl River Delta Foundry's "Red Alert"

Industry observations are now facing more serious business conditions than during the 2008 financial crisis. The two major markets in Europe and America have serious debt problems. The industry is pessimistically expecting that it may take 3 to 4 years to recover. "Order shortage&quo-----

So exaggerated Louis Vuitton high heels, you dare wear …

Girl's shoe will not be missing a pair of high heels, but such an exaggerated high heels, you dare wear it? This is a pair of new shoes Louis Vuitton, ancient style of ancient, shoes are printed with a variety of ancient coins pattern. I-Crystal AshtrayRectangle Crystal Ashtray,Round Crystal As-----

Analysis of China's Cotton Market Operation and For…

The new cotton year has already started. How will the new cotton annual cotton and cotton spinning trend develop? How will the national cotton control policy play a role in the new year? How will the company operate in an integrated environment? It will be the top priority for cotton-affil-----

Chinese Garment Market in Australia

The garment industry is a traditional industry in our city, and it is also one of the pillar industries. There are thousands of large and small garment enterprises in our city, and there are hundreds of certain scales. The total sales amount reaches 10 billion yuan***, and the tax revenue -----