How to distinguish between pearls and imitation beads

Imitation beads refer to all or part of artificially made imitations. Because of their strong simulation, they often return to the true and false situation. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some simple methods for distinguishing between pearls and imitation beads. -----

Snowed pro down jacket ready?

Suddenly the snow people really feel the feeling of a night into the winter, quickly put down jacket to wear on the body, in everyone's impression, to cope with such a plum temperature down jacket is the most reliable. So cold and love the beautiful MM, how to wear down jacket fashion sense? -----

How to distinguish the authenticity of silk quilts?

For consumers and wholesalers who like silk quilts, it is worth watching. There are a lot of brand companies that are not doing bedding, and they are also doing silk quilts. Why do I have to put quotes on the silk quilts for a reason, their silk is not silk quilt, or just short fiber silk quilt-----

Ai Xiu Yaxuan 2014 spring the first wave of the new lis…

Near the end of the year, the whole country is still immersed in the cold winter season, Ai Xiu Yaxuan fashion women walk in the forefront of the trend, the grand launch of the first wave of the new 2014 spring, the bleak winter into colorful brilliant spring colors. Ai Xiu Xuan fashion discount -----

See how experts choose good home textiles!

Home is a part of our lives, a long and wonderful life episode. It bears everything about us. How to choose a good home textile product to dress up, whether we are happy or sad, always give us the home of infinite power? Xiaobian will teach you how to choose home textile products. 1How to choo-----

What brand of cotton and linen clothing Muzhipu Ma clot…

In today's complicated city, we are seeking for peace and freedom. We do not need to please anyone. We only need simple, honest and natural life. We are indifferently gentle, elegant and quiet, abandoning the impetuous life. So more and more people like cotton clothing, it is comfortable breat-----

Which brand of children's clothing which is better …

Choose a good brand is very important, say that fashion should start from the baby, but health should start from the baby, fashion and health can have both depends on what kind of brand children's clothing you choose to identify a brand do not change, This allows the baby to adapt to the brand&-----