Yi Fei Ya autumn new fashion female spokesperson

The beauty of women has always been based on the times, elegant, beautiful words are never out of date, that handsome, capable, it is the latest popular bar, they interpret the urban women more and more independent image.


Age Positioning: 25-40-year-old knowledge of women

The main consumer groups: senior white-collar workers, private business owners, media workers, officials and teachers.

Product style: noble, elegant, confident, generous;

Product Structure: Trench Coat, Coat, Coat, Jacket, Down, Leather, Fur, Shawl, Sweater, T-shirt,

Shirts, vests, dresses, half skirts, trousers and other accessories. (Note: about 300 spring and summer product payment, autumn

Winter product payment about 300 or so)

意菲雅秋装新品 时尚女性代言人

意菲雅秋装新品 时尚女性代言人

1, French fashion design consulting team perennial product development

2, domestic and international 15 full-time research and development team and more than 5 part-time research and development team and more than 10 buyers quickly return group to the international fashion style into the " Italian Faye Wong " products

3, an independent full inspection center to ensure that the products into the market second to none in the same category, so that each product before entering the market in strict accordance with the company quality standard test

Address: Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Italy Freya brand Baisha Jinshan Industrial Zone Women (Humen high-speed rail station next to)

Contact: Tel: Miss Guan

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