Warm congratulations on the release card Shenzhen Sakata Century Huamao store opened

Celebrate Man carbs Europe and Korea fashion women's Shenzhen Huamao mall store Sakata century opened their doors! On this occasion autumn, Han-day international brands Man exposed card has officially taken the pace of growth, based in Shenzhen downtown business district, passing brand Fashion Classic.


Store design is still selected French luxury grace and Korean white combination of elegant style. Red lanterns hanging festive, simple and elegant atmosphere of the first door and printing wallpaper, diamond-cut walls, pink crystal yarn, "drag skirt" flower baskets placed in front of the door.

Arched pane partition, exquisite hollow carved and wavy piano paint base, with a new listing of autumn, ethnic style printing flowers, elegant lace, fresh tone with moisture your eyes.


Of course, prepared a bargain shop, stand in front of the basket next to the Promotional Newspaper is not for your heart it? Man Lu card women Shenzhen Sakata century Huamao store new store with the most full of enthusiasm welcome your arrival!

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