Guangzhou Women's Musical Lia: "Epee without Front" E-Commerce Road

The rapid rise of Gloria is an illustration: this traditional company with 18 years of offline brand heritage has been testing hydropower operators since 2008. The sales of its online main brand “Gelia Goelia” has doubled every year in 2010. During the three-year period of 2012, the sales of 16 million, 70 million and 170 million yuan were seized.

Gloria Women's Autumn 2013

In late July, the Guangzhou Women's Team of the Tmall platform visited Gloria Women quietly within 20 km south of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

The two sides had a private chat for the afternoon, sharing data, sharing ideas, and agreeing on business plans for the next three months. Prior to this, most brand owners generally received a phone call from Tmall temporarily and were asked whether they would participate in a promotion after two or three days. Especially at the time of the double 11 and the 618 this year, Tmall had all been asked to “choose one of the two” in order to suppress the challenger Jingdong, but it also caused the brand's rebounding sentiment to rise.

This indicates that the gameplay of the big Taobao platform is changing, and the new e-commerce ecosystem is also sprouting. The mainstream e-commerce platforms will gradually abandon the simple and crude business methods, and turn to seeking a deep win-win situation with brand owners.

In this regard, Liu Shichao was not surprised. As the general manager of E-commerce Department and Director of Internet Marketing at Gloria Elias, he made two judgments at the end of last year: First, there are no points in the future for wireless online, and there is no “electricity” and only “business”. Taobao will shift its focus to mainstream and mainstream brands. Second, since last year's double 11th, e-commerce competition is being sold by the front-end sales and creativity, and has become a competition for brand strength and influence.

The rapid rise of Gloria is an illustration: this traditional company with 18 years of offline brand heritage has been testing hydropower operators since 2008. The sales of its online main brand “Gelia Goelia” has doubled every year in 2010. During the three-year period of 2012, the sales of 16 million, 70 million and 170 million yuan were seized.

It is worth mentioning that, Gloria e-commerce rarely conduct excessive explosions speculation, low-cost shopping and other acts, but adhere to the bottom line of brand value, and strive to fine management and multi-platform development.

“Epee has no front, and it's a clumsy job. This is the essence of brand e-commerce competition in the future.” Liu Shichao said that the explosive growth period of e-commerce in China is coming to an end. The growth rate of many businesses in the next year will remain at 20% to 30%.

"Normal warfare" no secrets

Prior to entering Gloria E-Commerce, Liu Shichao was one of the first members of P&G's core companies to test water-based Internet marketing and e-commerce. He also founded the “Home of Life”, the earliest O2O e-commerce project in China, and fully understands the systematic operation of large brands. E-commerce operations.

However, in early 2012, Gloria E-Commerce was another sight: After rushing from zero to 70 million yuan in annual sales, business growth has entered a bottleneck period.

To achieve new breakthroughs, it is necessary to change the style of guerrilla warfare relying on speculative marketing hotspots, creating explosions, and fighting for human input, and then move on to the regular gameplay of brand e-commerce. Liu Shichao regarded 2012-2013 as a key time node. Prior to this, most of the Amoy brands and traditional brands entered Amoy, and began to create explosion models, and gradually derived a combination of the amount of profit taking, the town shop treasure of the image and other combinations of products, followed by the emergence of a large number of star shops.

"Explosive money is the initial stage of e-commerce branding, and then the formation of the store's brand, which are all based on the platform. When you carry out multi-platform distribution or offline expansion, the formation of awareness in the country, this is a well-known brand." Liu Shichao believes that “section-store-brand” is the basic evolution path of e-commerce branding, and to complete the last crucial leap, new ideas are needed.

The first focus of Liu Shichao's reengineering of Goliath is to establish a systematic organizational structure. The new architecture is a three-level system that resembles an inverted triangle. That is, the grassroots proposes strategies and makes operational decisions. The middle level is responsible for supporting them, and the senior level assumes the functions of supporting, guiding resources, and coaching. This is like dredging. Only by establishing a comprehensive sewer system can the city's drainage operations become even, effective and swift.

Prior to the change, Sun Ming, the chief of the visual department, was sometimes uncomfortable. The team often had to work late at night, but the root cause was that the process always had various breakpoints. For example, if you want to get new products, the goods will not arrive in time and you will not be able to shoot. You can only wait until late at night to work overtime. At the same time, the problem of homepage loss rate can not be solved effectively, and it is difficult for multiple teams of product operations, copywriting, and vision to coordinate, and it is impossible to effectively gather at the same point and force.

Now, Sun Ming’s visual team has significantly reduced his overtime hours, and the homepage loss rate has also dropped from 35% to less than 16%, equivalent to a loss of 480,000 visits per month. Sun Ming said: "All groups including visuals are now both relatively independent and able to better coordinate. For example, when new products are introduced, home designers, copywriters, and photographers can be quickly put in place at the same time, and their efficiency is greatly enhanced."

In addition, Liu Shichao also expanded the size of the data analysis team from 4 to 8 people and renamed it the Business Intelligence Department. The departmental functions also engaged in post-data statistics and report management, turning into consumer insights and big data analysis.

After a series of transformations, the comprehensive combat power of Celia e-commerce has improved significantly. During the double-evening period in 2012, its sales across the entire network exceeded 40 million yuan in one fell swoop, a year-on-year increase of more than 300%.

“Double eleven is not event marketing, but a battle to form a system of goods, personnel, funds, vision, BI, etc., and to erupt at the same time.” Liu Shichao and the core team during the three days of last year’s double 11 Has been sticking to the office, in the end his voice is almost unconscious, can only rely on writing to command the scheduling, "Double eleven is not flawed, so that all links interlocking to maintain stable operation, the efficiency of each department increased 20 ~ 30% can be."

While straightening out the organizational system, the second force of the Celia E-Commerce is to expand the breadth and depth of multi-platform distribution.

In May 2012, Gloria made the first sale attempt at the VIP Club and transferred 1 million items. The final sold rate was close to 50%. At the time, Vipshop had just bleeded on the market. Most brands still waited and watched. Liu Shichao was able to take a step forward because he believed that the business model under the line would surely appear online. There is a promising model for discounted sales.

Since then, Gloria has become the first A+ level partner of the only vipshop, and its sales volume at Vipshop has also increased about 6 times, from last year's more than 2 million yuan to nearly 16 million yuan in the first half of this year. .

In addition to Vipshop, Gloria also allocated more resources to Jingdong, Intime, and other platforms, and began recruiting and nurturing Amoy distributors. In the end, Gloria’s sales exceeded RMB 170 million in 2012, and its target this year is to hit 350 million yuan. Now, the light yellow slogans like "300 million can!" are almost plastered with the office area of ​​Gloria employees.

From single point to ecology

Since last year, Gloria has spent more time on Amoy marketing, in contrast, many businesses still hope to increase investment in Amoy advertising, to reverse the decline in Amoy flow of ecological vitality.

The effect is that, at the double eleventh time last year, Gloria received about 80% of free fresh traffic. Many users even pre-collected the web site of the Gloria Lynx flagship store, waiting for the opening.

In fact, the method used by Liu Shichao is extremely simple and a detailed user survey is conducted. Every two or three months, he will take his team and use home surveys or group interviews to carefully record the user's media consumption habits, shopping preferences, and decision-making process.

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