Experts advise: long-term wear high shoes easily lead to joint problems

【 本网 -鞋与生活】 As the weather turns cold, the number of people wearing platform shoes and snow boots has gradually increased. However, you may not know that the beauty of these "mats" is risky. According to experts, wearing unsuitable shoes for a long period of time can easily cause sprained feet and even induce arthritis.


Wearing platform shoes is more prone to sprain than other high heels

A few days ago, the 22-year-old Xiaoman was limping to the orthopedics department of the Hongdu Hospital in the city. She had sprained her ankle wearing a platform shoe. The doctor reminded her, "Don't wear this platform shoes again."

She worked very hard at the small company where she worked for the sales company, but she was not at all vague about the beauty. “The front and back of the platform shoes are flat, and they don’t get tired when worn. They can be increased by 4 or 5 centimeters. They look like legs are very long and look good.” Xiaowan said, she brought the platform shoes at home as the weather turned cold. Come out, ready to wear. However, what she didn't expect was that she wouldn’t sprain her regular high heels, but she was wearing a platform shoe and “turned on.”

Director of the Orthopaedics and Traumatology Department of the Hongdu Hospital told Xiaowan that the design of the platform shoes is more aesthetic than arch protection. Long-term wearing platform shoes is prone to foot arch malformations. Compared to other high heels, platform shoes increase the risk of ankle sprains and fractures. "Plastic shoes are not what people think of as 'free-shoe'. On the contrary, thick soles can easily keep the knees tight and the balance of the body when walking can also be reduced."


2 of 10 women have patella softening

Director Huang said that because the girls in platform shoes and snow boots have injured their feet recently, most of them have accidentally stomped their feet, causing ligament strains and severely causing fractures.

In addition to fracture injuries, the clinic also received patients with palatine shoes suffering from temporo- rostenosis. Huang Zhuren said that this is mainly because long-term wear platform shoes, will reduce the degree of knee movement, resulting in reduced secretion of synovial fluid cartilage, advance the age of osteoarthritis, resulting in softening of the cheekbones.

According to reports, patella osteomalacia is a common joint lesion, and many people suffer from this condition. According to clinical statistics, on average, 2 out of every 10 women suffer from varying degrees of temporal bone tenderness. In general, tibial osteomalacia is more common in young women aged 20 to 40 years.

“Although the weather is getting colder, some women do not pay attention to keep warm. Wearing stockings and leggings, the knees are easy to catch cold and cause the cheekbones to soften,” said Huang Zhuren, who sat for work all year long and kept the legs bent for a long time. The pressure on the blood vessels makes the knees cold and susceptible to temporomandibular disease.


Bad habits can induce arthritis

"A lot of young people have knee pain, but they don't put this pain on their minds, and the problem over time is serious." Li Zhuren, director of sports medicine at the Provincial People's Hospital, said that many people think that arthritis is a kind of geriatric disease. However, in actual treatment, many young people have joint pain, which is mainly caused by bad living habits.

Director Li said that apart from wearing shoes, there are many bad habits in young people's lives that can cause joint pain or even arthritis. For example, sitting or standing for a long time, will make the joint muscle strength is weak, and joint protection is not enough, resulting in arthritis; young people love seafood, beer and other high protein and high uric acid foods, long-term excessive consumption can lead to gout arthritis; Wearing a motorcycle, wearing less, or exposing your knees to the cold wind can also be harmful to your joints.

A large part of the common arthritis in the elderly population is the root cause of young people. When you are young in the cool water for a long time or in the cold air against the air conditioner, you will increase the chance of getting arthrosis later in life. Director Li reminded that proper exercise or massage can have a protective effect on the joints.

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Five kinds of shoes are not conducive to joint health

A. Flip Flops: When a person is walking, the front of the foot lacks the support of the force. The toes must grip the shoes during the march and slowly curl into claws. Excessive bow joints can cause pain and inflammation in the feet. Severe cases can cause thumb valgus.

B. Leggings High-heeled sandals: With the belt sliding down, it is likely that the calf will be tightly tied and the blood flow will be poor during the process.

C. Tip shoes: There is a plastic effect on the toe, it is easy to form a thumb valgus. Pointed scalp shoes form an oppression on the front half of the foot, which can easily cause foot deformity. The tip of the scalp shoe is hard and thin, and the toes are severely crushed, making it easy to induce nail inlays and corns.

D. Snow boots: The internal space is relatively large, and slipping on the inside of the rear foot will cause a greater impact on the arch, thus causing damage to the feet, ankles and even the buttocks.

E. Ultra-thin flat shoes: When the heel is too low, as much as 60% of the weight of the whole body weight is pressed on the heel, causing pain in the areas of the athlete's foot, knees, hips, and waist, and accelerating the plantar ligaments and bones. Degeneration of the tissue causes heel pain. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Cooperation media: shoes and apparel famous brand network global fashion brand network )

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