Shen Lida launches the second jade monograph: "Jade Aesthetics"

"Jade Appreciation" is the second jade monograph launched by Shen Lida after "Jade Collection". "Jade Appreciation" is based on the knowledge of jade industry in "Jade Culinary". The author presents his own feelings about the works of jadeite as the main line, thinking, enlightenment, beauty, fate, love... five chapters, 50 articles, complete presentation The author's deep affection for the jade, a professional jade expert on the jade aesthetic and jade culture understanding and sentiment. The words are fresh, the emotions are exquisite, the pictures and texts are abundant, the jade knowledge and the aesthetic point of view go hand in hand, which makes people gain a lot and benefit a lot.

Shen Lida launches the second jade monograph: "Jade Aesthetics"

The book "Jade Ecology" is divided into five chapters: thought, enlightenment, beauty, fate and love. They are from the concept and ideas of jade creation, the experience of jade creation process, the beauty of different forms of jade, the relationship between jade and people, and love. Jade's attitude and behavioral performances comprehensively present the emotional relationship between jade and Chinese traditional culture, jade and aesthetic, jade and human. These are the real and deep experience of the author in the jade industry for many years. It is the emotion and wisdom of a jade senior enthusiast and professional practitioner.

The article is fresh and fresh, reading warm and intimate, delicate and delicate, let the readers feel the beauty of jade in the easy and pleasant text. The book contains pictures and texts. Each article is equipped with the jade works that the author personally participated in, and has corresponding jade knowledge points according to different product features or materials. The book is rich in content and colorful. It can not only appreciate many extraordinary jade art works, but also read the culture and emotions behind the jade products, and discover the inner world of a beautiful emerald woman. As the famous gemstone expert commented on this book: she is talking about jade, also said beauty, with a gentle heart of women; she is talking about jade, also talking about Zen, using a woman's wisdom. Life can't always be missed, it's true to people, to jade, to books, and so on.

"Jade Culinary" is like a cup of tea, with a long scent, letting you look at its color, you want a mellow; when you lift the cup, the fresh aroma is smothered, lightly sip, light and delicate; The more mellow and mellow. After the product is over, I will always relish it and want to re-sell it. When you get used to this scent, you will find that, unconsciously, there is already an emotion between you and it. This emotion will enhance your taste and make your soul sublimate.


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