How to define old silver

First of all, "old silver" is not "silver". Many people mistakenly think that "old silver" is like a "Thai silver", "Miao silver", "Tibet silver" is a kind of silver classification, or that "old silver" is "folk craft silver decoration", "minority Silverware, "Imitation of old silver." In fact, "old silver" is not defined as such.

Old silver

"Old silver" is generally an antique silver product that has been used or worn by people who have been "previously".

As for this "previous" time. There are two ways to define the age in the antiques: one is to use the 49-year Chinese liberation as the time dividing line. The reason is very clear, is New China? The other is to use the Cultural Revolution as the time dividing line because in the Cultural Revolution. Many of the old silverware and silver ornaments that our ancestors had left in the past were still preserved in the homes of the people, and some traditional silversmithing craftsmen had many successors, but they lost a lot after the Cultural Revolution.

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