Prince of the family underwear brand so that the charm of the moment to upgrade

Immersed in the romantic romance of Italy, feel the European-style fashion , the Prince of the family underwear brand lingerie fashion carrying a mission come from, with high-end boutique fashion show brand strength. Feel the pride of the luxury brand family underwear brought by the wind, the natural charm of the moment to upgrade.


Prince brand underwear brand high-level design, are from the hands of famous Italian designers. For a certain quality of life and insights, the pursuit of individuality, sexy, mature, elegant tailored women, clothing culture for women to write a song of the new century.

皇子家族内衣品牌  自然之中让魅力瞬间提升

Prince brand underwear brand outstanding, unique distinctive store style, rich in deep cultural connotation of products; standard and high standards of channel and terminal management operations and scientific logistics and distribution system in the country to franchise expansion of brand marketing Means, depending on the franchisee as "the water of life," so in peer companies formed a unique brand management culture.

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