If good RUOHAO women's brand shaping an independent and elegant new era of women

Hong Kong gold fruit apparel leather International Limited is a design, production and sales in one of the International Industrial Company. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Golden Fruit Garments Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, a total of more than 2,600 square meters with automated office, annual output of about 700000 pieces of modern factory.


Since its establishment in 2006, the company has maintained rapid and steady development, and its apparel and leather products are exported all over the world. In 2009, by virtue of its strong design and development team in Hong Kong, Hong Kong gold fruit leather clothing International Ltd. created a stylish and elegant women's brand , " If good RUOHAO". If good brand positioning in the 25-35 year-old fashion, independent, elegant new era of women, if good brand clothing products blend of Western modern art and oriental classical sentiment, if the good clothes show romantic and both sensual and sexy style.

In 2010, if the good brand apparel market, the company will open 350 stores in China within three years, while in the northern, central and southern to establish three major service and logistics center, if good RUOHAO excellent service and fashion Products to domestic consumers.

Ruohao RUOHAO has been devoted to interpreting the voices of women, building a female dream. It feels that women have a romantic, sexy dream, but in this flashy society, they gradually forgotten and give up. However, if the designers of RUOHAO women's fashion brand are obsessed with pursuing the gorgeousness, they blend and extract western modern art and oriental classical sentiment in their works. If the women's wear complemented by personalized processing, And both sensual and sexy style, Ruohao RUOHAO interpretation of a woman's dream.

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