Colorful sandals make you dazzle in the summer

This site, May 22 hearing, "especially likes the feeling of wearing sandals because there is an unrestrained sense of freedom." Do you feel this way too? In the summer, when the sandals are in full swing, imagine the sunset, the beach, the straw hat, and a pair of sandals. Wow! It's a refreshing feeling that makes you feel guilty.

Fresh colors are summer, and this season's sandals are like knocking out brightly colored palettes, presenting vibrant summer scenes, eye-catching oranges, romantic purples, and sunny yellows.... .. There is always a fresh sandal for you, let you in this 2012 summer as dazzling as the rainbow.

Apricot pink flat sandals, especially light, beautiful color T sandals

Apricot pink flat sandals, especially lightweight, nice-looking T-shaped sandals. Large areas of hollow look more refreshing is not it? The heel nail decoration of the heel is also very unique, with shorts and short skirts to wear in summer are very nice.

The tender sky blue heels and heel strap design are very stable and safe.

The tender blue sky is thick with high heels and the design of the ankle strap makes it very stable and safe to wear. With jeans, dresses and short skirts are all very nice.

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