Flowers opened the 2012 summer new just like the elves in the flowers and jungle

In the touch of light when the touch of light chiffon sand backdrop against the elegant, agile, in a circle of lovely wave beating under the playful and casual, in the blossoming of a blossoming bloom of bright flowers against the backdrop of romantic ,sweet. . . The flowers opened the 2012 summer new, as if from the sky in the flowers and trees jungle elves, and nature play intimate contact, tells a beautiful poetic allegory.


Elegant, sweet, classic, dreamy, every woman has a princess dream. "Flowers open" Coats, fur, little dresses, half skirts, shirts, small shawls, hair clips, necklaces, princess bags that are decorated with fantastic notes of lace, bows, roses, layers of cake, Beautiful princess dreaming woman as "flowers opened", luxury in England, "Princess."

花儿开了2012夏季新品 恰如花草丛林里的精灵

Lady, lolita style. The company's apparel line insist on high quality, with its unique design style, color, with exquisite tailoring, showing FLOWERSCOMING elegant, sweet, classic, fantastic brand image, the noble and profound classical temperament into the lace, chiffon And other elements, it is quite low-key luxury style.

花儿开了2012夏季新品 恰如花草丛林里的精灵

Quinceanera is an event that takes place in a Latino girls life where she moves from childhood to womanhood. This birthday celebration usually occurs at the age of fifteen and is celebrated with family and friends. Large ball gowns are the typical quinceanera dress style but lately quinceanera girls are going for a more unique A-line or mermaid style as well.

Quinceanera Dresses

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