Cangnan: Apparel Industry Appeared

When interviewing Cangnan, the girl Huang Chenchen, who lived in Lingxi, Cangnan County, came to Zhejiang Dingpai Fashion Co., Ltd. to find out the situation and seek cooperation. The school girl who graduated from the school and worked for several years was a four-yellow diamond online shopping expert. He met a group of online purchasers from across the country through the Internet and was a small network shopping guide. She hopes to use her advantage to build her own e-commerce business in her hometown.

Tang Wenfu, chairman of the Cangnan Garment Merchants Association and chairman of Dingpai Apparel, said that from the beginning of last year, most of the people he paid attention to every day had focused on the word “e-commerce”.

With the increasing popularity of garment enterprises established by the two Cangnan people in Dilmaqi and Jane Cangnan, a group of original clothing companies that have been OEMs transformed and developed e-commerce in Cangnan, hoping to be in the e-commerce field. Achieve brand dreams that have not been completed for many years.

Three months only produced one, and the employees were very happy. "Sometimes only 3 suits of suits are produced in 3 months. Many employees came to tell me that this is so cool." Tang Wenfu said that because of the large amount of items sold on the Internet, Workers produce the same product for longer and more efficient. This has reduced the cost of the business and the workers’ income has increased. The monthly income of each employee is at least 30% higher than in previous years.

In previous years, many of the men's OEMs in Cangnan were often worried about the long and low season before July and August: There were fewer orders in the off-season, and raising workers and leaving workers was a problem. But now, some companies can proudly say that orders are in their hands and they are in control.

According to statistics from the Cangnan County Garment Chamber of Commerce, currently there are more than 40 garment manufacturing companies in the Cangnan Garment Association. Since last year, more than 20 garment companies have started e-commerce, including Zhejiang Dingpai Clothing Co., Ltd. and Shengyu Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Ai Luosen Garment Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Qiancheng Garment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Golden Apple Bedding Co., Ltd., etc. In 2011, the sales of Cangnan apparel company e-commerce accounted for 30% to 40% of the total sales, and the proportion continued to increase. In the top ten rankings of sales performance of Tmall Mall, the garment enterprises founded by the two Cangnan people of Dermaci and Jane Czech are on the list.

1 corporate customer resources > 20 companies combined, the road is still very long. "On the road under the brand management, we Cangnan garment enterprises lost opportunities, hope that e-commerce can become a new breakthrough in Cangnan clothing, become an opportunity to upgrade Cangnan clothing brand "This is the voice of many owners of Cangnan garment enterprises.

In less than a year, many companies in Cangnan have established a relatively stable supply chain and have a number of customer resources. Some companies have also performed outstandingly in sales of certain single products. In October last year, Ding sent a sheepskin shirt to sell more than 10,000 pieces a month; in November last year, a suit sold more than 3,000 sets... In the online sales month category list, it was also a few times the boss.

However, the Cangnan clothing company CEO clearly recognizes the fact that “on the way to e-commerce, it is still just a small shrimp.” One company veteran revealed that although he already has more than 100,000 customers, he compared it to GXG. Some brands, such as Dilmac, which already have millions of customer resources, are actually very few. In short, the sum total of more than 20 companies is not as good as a family company.

Tang Wenfu said that Cangnan as an e-commerce business has few advantages, but also needs to integrate resources and develop together.

"E-commerce" is just a channel to stabilize and play the most important. The parents of Li Junhui, chairman of Baodu Garment Co., Ltd., have spent more than 20 years in clothing and OEM factories in Cangnan. Since 2005, Li Junhui has successively transferred to Fuzhou and Guangzhou as e-commerce providers, and finally settled in Hangzhou in 2008 to operate the e-commerce brand “Dilmaqi”. In the past two years, Dilmaqi became a dark horse in the e-commerce men's field. Last year, Dilmaqi was ranked in the top ten in Tmall Men's sales rankings. Recently, Li Junhui is planning to open a physical store.

“E-commerce is just a channel. He has no essential difference from other channels of traditional brands. They all need to be stable and stable, and they have the same core advantages.” Li Junhui said that in recent years, the threshold for callers is getting higher and higher. More intense. The new e-commerce brand must take the lead and must develop its internal strength. It can't make rapid progress, stabilize and integrate the supply chain resources, and do a good job of brand culture.

According to industry insiders, the current advantage of Cangnan apparel lies in its good manufacturing base, but it has no advantage in other areas such as logistics, warehousing, and brand promotion. At present, Cangnan should continue to play such a collective momentum as an e-commerce business and create regional influence. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the integration of resources among peers and to combine strengths with one another.

E-Commerce enters the era of big brands Li Erhui, the CEO of Dermaci, did not elaborate on why he turned to open a physical store, but he revealed one point: E-commerce has already passed the era of “grassroots” and the influence of “big brands”. Began to become more and more large in the area of ​​e-commerce.

An OEM boss revealed that he started to open online stores last year. At the end of last year, sales at the end of last year's promotion were not bad. However, this year's apparent lack of effort, fewer and fewer free resources, do not invest a lot of advertising, there is not much The customer enters the shop. But a new brand, investing millions in online advertising, will not necessarily achieve much if it is not carefully planned and experienced.

When interviewing Wang Dongzhu, chairman of Xiamen Taoshoe Network Technology Co., Ltd., he used a metaphor for the current e-commerce situation: When the new urban high-rise building began to be built, the vegetable market in the old city would no longer be able to shine.

Yes, when big brands are involved in e-commerce, e-commerce has entered a new era. In the face of such a brand-new era, Cangnan apparel companies need not only aggressive but also ingenuity.

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