Reflects women's elegant and refined Lady Ladie's clothing

RAIDFEEL Hong Kong poetry clothing apparel International (Group) Co., Ltd. under the most famous brand.

RAIDFEEL from Hong Kong luxury urban fashion, pure return to nature, mature inherent temperament, are RAIDFEEL fashion elegant, self-expression way. RAIDFEEL from Hong Kong's famous women 's down jacket brand , adhering to the consistent simplicity of design style, bringing a thick urban style, through the new clothing styles to customers pass a positive and open concept of life, advocating a stylish lifestyle.


体现女性的优雅和精致 莱迪菲尔女装

RAIDFEEL is designed for the character, mature and trendy urban woman. Their style of dress is elegant and sexy. They are good at choosing clothes styles, colors, fabrics and accessories. They are especially fond of women's elegant and refined materials. Today, RAIDFEEL has successfully landed in mainland China market, with "looking up, it is better to wear on the body" as the cultural concept, but much independent, confident, mature urban women love. Recently with its gorgeous, eye-catching gesture knocking "micro fashion" door.

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