I heard that the rupee is not the usual red tourmaline.

Among the colorful tourmaline families, Rubellite's status is very special. Not only has the Chinese and English bilingual names of Rubellite and Ruby, but also captures countless hearts in dazzling and beautiful colors, becoming one of the most popular members of the tourmaline family.

But Sister Bao wants to ask everyone today, when you are crazy about the name Rubellite, do you really understand Rubellite?


It doesn't matter if you don't understand it. Today, Sister Bao sums up the questions that I usually mentioned about Rupee and answers them to everyone.

â–  What is rupee?

Rubellite, transliteration "Rupee", literal translation means "ruby-like." The reason why this name is derived from the early days of the rupee was frequently mistaken for ruby.

After all, the early human society did not have advanced detection methods. The result of the resolution was to create two Ruby twins, Ruby and Red Spinel. The familiar people know that many ancient kings have had Rupee and Spinel. The stone is set in the crown to be a red envelope, although it has historical value, it can be a good thing.

â–  Why is the rupee more expensive than the average tourmaline?

After all, the rupee is not a general red tourmaline, but a leader in the red tourmaline. It needs to reach a certain color level and color tone to be called rupee. The Chinese originally had a natural worship of the red things. The red color is not only rich in color but also auspicious and festive, which is why many red gems are popular in China.


When the tourmaline became popular, the natural value of the tourmaline, which can have an independent name, also rose, and the rumor that the rupee was sealed around, the real rupee seems to be getting less and less. But this is also a rumor. As for the speculation is true, it is impossible to make a conclusion. Therefore, the price of the rupee has risen for a certain reason, at least more expensive than the general tourmaline.

Bao Jie Little Tips: But the rare varieties in the tourmaline are naturally more than Rupee. There are also many people who like Paraiba blue tourmaline, chrome green tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline and even cat-eye tourmaline. The results are summarized, and the quality of the tourmaline is not cheap.

â–  How to choose the rupee?

Color: The darker the color, the less black. As for the depth, it is better to be suitable for yourself. Older ages can be slightly deeper and more mature; young people can choose to be more vibrant and energetic. Of course, what color you want depends on whether it matches your clothes and the gas field.


Clarity: The rupee is rich in inclusions. As with emeralds, the contents can be seen with the naked eye. In fact, for collectors, if the fire color and color of the gemstone are not affected, the just-inclusive inclusion will increase the interest of the gem. The evaluation of the inclusions is very subtle. Once the inclusions make the crystals appear cloudy or white, the value of the stones will be greatly reduced.

Cut: Good cuts can improve people's visibility errors. If there are many inclusions in the body, it can give the illusion that the clarity is good by reflection, so the symmetry does not leak the bottom and the fire is good.

Size: Of course, the bigger the number of carats, the better.

Sister Bao has heard that people who love gems call Rubellite "Red Dragon Fairy". This "ç‘•" is not the "Xia", but also because most of the Rubellite colors are red and bright. It is not necessarily the first choice for buying tourmaline, but it is also a good choice.

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