How to distinguish platinum? Experts make authoritative answers

Marriage is the most important thing in a lifetime. Many newcomers will choose “Platinum in love metal to witness their pure and eternal love. But some people are easily misled when they buy, and other white metals such as white gold are used as platinum. , suffering from unnecessary losses. The PGI experts of the International Platinum Association also made a move for everyone to teach everyone how to identify platinum.


How to distinguish platinum - first understand platinum

To know how to identify platinum, you must first understand platinum. Platinum "Pt" is a metal that is more precious than gold. Just 3 grams of platinum requires 1 ton of ore, and the price is expensive. In addition, platinum is extremely pure and never fades. Jewelry made of platinum can permanently maintain its pure white color, even if it is in contact with acidic substances. Because of its natural purity, the care of platinum jewellery is also very simple. A regular soft cloth can be cleaned as new as a few times. The tough white gold and diamonds are the perfect match to maximize the protection of the diamond, and to show the fire of the diamond itself. Therefore, precious diamonds are generally made of platinum.

How to identify platinum - look for the "Pt" or "platinum" logo on the inner wall of the ring

Knowing this, it is not difficult to know how to distinguish platinum. An easy way to do this is to look for the “Pt” or “platinum” logo on the inner wall of the ring, because the state stipulates that platinum jewelry must have the exclusive sign “Pt”. It is like a platinum ID card. If it is not, it is very likely Indiscriminately. In addition, the market is very similar to platinum in white gold, their color is white, but white gold is only the alloy of gold and other 25% metal, there are obvious differences in price and characteristics, must be purchased Distinguish.

Knowing how to identify platinum, prospective newcomers can be confident to buy platinum jewelry. Use this pure and flawless metal to show the world that you will never fade.

Finally, please remind everyone that when buying platinum jewelry, please be sure to look for the Pt mark on the inner wall of the ring. It's like a platinum ID card, and only the platinum-labeled “Pt” or “Platinum” jewelry is the real platinum jewelry.

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