Men's Museum of Nanshan Men's CHIC2012: elite men's fashion choices

Recently, PAUL BETENLY, BOSA MAGINE and MENS PLANET, the three brands of Nanshan Textile and Apparel Co., Ltd., showed a good momentum of development. The stores in various districts opened one after another . Nanshan or the international big-name brands like Prada, Armani fabric suppliers, the world's attention London Olympics referees and officials of the dress are produced from Nanshan costumes. This exhibition, Nanshan Industry Chain Group hopes to use the integration effect, so that many consumers, including professional visitors, Nanshan apparel industry to understand the brand of high added value and cost-effective advocate for the Chinese community to provide a solution to fashion business lifestyles . Nanshan where the men's Hall E1206 booths, an area of ​​about 300 square meters. The pavilion design to simplicity, elegance as the dominant ideology, around the "autumn and winter" element to create atmosphere for the display environment to create, highlight Brighton products in the design concept and terminal management advantages, so that every visitor, a comprehensive feel Brighton brand brings the concept of fashion and service standards, comparable to Europe's PITTIUOMO show men's display style. Brighton is Nanshan Group, following the senior men Paul Bettany after the strong launch of the mainstream fashion men's fashion brand, in the China National Garment Association Committee of the test was rated as excellent products. Brighton brand positioning for the young business people to create a new apparel solutions to subvert the existing business men's monotonous, casual men's fashion degree and taste of the traditional enough degree, to create "dress casual, free to match" concept of wear. Brighton as Nanshan industrial chain in the market the most complete brand terminal, young business people in the workplace, leisure and vacation the best choice.

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