Nanshan Men: fashion art and men's fashion integration

Nanshan Group's three major high-level clothing brands MENS PLANET, Bosa Magine, PAUL BETENLY (Paul Bettany) shows the high-end positioning Nanshan brand apparel fabrics, which Fashion design and cutting-edge garment technology by well-known personage in the industry good. Among the three major brands, MENS PLANET is the leading brand in Nanshan worsted apparel industry chain with a unique brand R & D system. The brand through the Group in Milan, New York established fabric fashion design center and fashion trend information center, followed by the development trend of international apparel, relying on Nanshan Group from wool, wool top to fabric, apparel industry chain advantage, the joint Japan Left Bank Co., Ltd. and Europe and the United States and other clothing industry developed areas of various types of cooperation agencies, new fabrics, new technology to conduct in-depth research and development, the popular theme, product series integration planning, timely completion of each quarter's product development. PAUL BETENLY brand to take the fashion, high-end, classic positioning, the market layout lock the first-tier cities in the first-class shopping malls, the company strives to use 3-5 years to make BETENLY become a more influential brand. Italian fashion men's brand Bosa Magine, attaches great importance to the integration of fashion art and men's fashion. Since the opening of Beijing World Trade Tianjian Branch in September 2009, the brand has drawn special attention from the industry. In less than a year, the brand has been successively sold in Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Harbin Shop, has attracted a number of loyal consumers, by the majority of men's love.

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