Significant increase in the value of stamps in recent appreciation

If you say that the mail market experienced years ago was a "winter", then nowadays it is a "spring". The reporter saw from the postal currency card interactive online that the number of stamps in appreciation status increased significantly yesterday, and the current price of more than 30 stamp products increased compared with the previous day's closing price. Before last year, this There will be no more than 10 "quality stamps". In addition, according to the accounts of the postal operators on the secondary market, the current market conditions of the postal market are obviously better than those of last year. In the transaction volume, the status of the absolute account is still the stamp of the Lunar New Year.

In general, the postal market during the Chinese New Year is a Zodiac ticket. After that, it will slowly retreat to the second line. This year, the Dragon Ticket has become a hot spot. The price of the Dragon ticket is soaring and plunging. After several adjustments, the price Still between three hundred and four hundred dollars. The other Lunar New Year stamps led by the Dragon Tickets became the strongest backing for the postal market. The three-wheeled Monkey Big Edition, Big Chicken Big Edition, Dog Big Edition, and Big Cow Edition are the most lively transactions in the market. According to industry insiders, the future zodiac series is still the focus of the broader market and is the main force driving the broader market. With the large-scale rise of the Chinese zodiac sign, the price of the full set of Zodiac (Monkey-Dragon) has also risen sharply, and the current price has exceeded 2,660 yuan.

In addition to the Lunar New Year tickets, the 100th anniversary of the Bank of China's stamps and commemorative banknotes is the hottest, the market opening and closing are inseparable from the "commemorative banknotes" three words; silk series, double series, Guan Gong Xiaoban Zhang still market The **** has been going from last year to the present; in addition, the postcards of the wrong edition of the Year of the Dragon have also taken the opportunity to rise in price, which has tripled in three months, from the face value of 1.8 yuan to more than 30 yuan. In addition, the postal market led the buzzing of banknotes, the trend and turnover of the three editions of the banknotes were relatively stable, the transaction price of the fourth edition of the banknotes rose slightly, and transactions were more active. A few days ago, the central bank rumored that it would not produce banknotes of 500 yuan and 1,000 denominations. The price rise of the four editions of paper money is said to be related to this.

Does Fuchun Mountain’s Home Cinema Move a Stamp?

The stamp on the Fuchun Mountain in 2010 was unfathomable. It was not expected that in February of last year, the stamp on the subject of this painting rose from 34 yuan to 88 yuan overnight, creating a legend of the postal market because the Fuchun Mountain was located on both banks of the mainland. The merger exhibited a full year of fire. It is said that the film “Fuchunshanjutu” starred by Han Sanping and directed by Han Sanping this year may make the price of the only official collection of stamps in Fuchun Mountain rise.

The Qingming Shanghe Pattern Ticket, which is the same subject matter, is the only sculptured version of the famous painting stamp. Its value is seriously underestimated by the market. The price of “Fuchun” is three times that of “Qingming,” and therefore “Ching Ming” has a greater appreciation potential in the future.

The monkey ticket was a big round in one round. The price of the second round went down. After the third round, master Chen Shaohua designed, stamps were stamped, and the circulation was at least... Many auras made it difficult for the three-wheeled monkey big version to fail to appreciate. Will not forget, there is "80 year monkey ticket" this represents the backing of the postal market legend. In the first half of last year, the price of the Monkey King Edition was still about RMB 240, which could be overheated through hot money. Later, the maximum price was 800 RMB. I thought that the price would have to come down after the stir-fry. I didn't expect it to be firm until now.

The industry has predicted that three rounds of the Chinese zodiac will be collected in three years. When the market's popularity is predictable, the valuation of the big three-wheeled monkey will not be less than RMB 2,000, so it is self-evident. In contrast, the second round of monkey tickets is still at a low level, temporarily not attracting the attention of collectors and postal traders, but wait until the third round of monkey tickets speculation to a certain high, whether it will take out the second round of speculation? Perhaps there is such a possibility.

Dragon ticket 400 yuan can become the peak of the three-wheel dragon version?

About the Yongzheng Dragon Tickets, from January to March of this year, there has been continuous attention. Since its release on January 5, it hasn't been stopped, it has risen to 200 yuan since its opening, it has broken the 300 yuan mark, then it has dropped to the low of 220 yuan, and it has started to rebound until it reaches 410 yuan today. There have been many speculations in the industry that the dragon ticket has reached almost the top, but it has risen and fell each time, fell and rose. It is still the most popular stamp product in the postal market, not one of them.

From the advent of the Shanzhai Long Tickets to the wrong edition of the Year of the Dragon postcard, various kinds of news have been inseparable from the Long Tickets. It is really such a large collection of dragon tickets, investment value, or the market speculation it has been endless, no one said it clearly. According to statistics, the Long Da Edition still ranks first among the net capital inflows of the postal market.

The 100-year anniversary of Bank of China's stamps and commemorative commemorative banknotes is much more risky than the stamps on the 100th anniversary of the Bank of China. It is said that in addition to the stamp company, the market is seldom sold, and its issuance is not enough for the internal channels of the Bank of China. Therefore, the stamps on the 100th anniversary of the Bank of China are not much reverberated, but they have a soft spot for their commemorative notes.

The 100-year Hong Kong dollar commemorative banknote issued by the Bank of China was issued in Hong Kong on February 13 with a face value of HK$100. Buyers lined up for the purchase, and the market was to overwhelm the price. The HK dollar commemorative banknote has reached a maximum of 1,500 yuan, and the Macau currency commemorative banknote has been fired to more than 3,000 yuan.

For a long time, commemorative banknotes were popular in the Tibetan city. The central bank issued three commemorative banknotes, the 50th anniversary of the founding of New China in 1999, with a nominal value of RMB 50. Now the market price is around RMB 250. In 2000, the Qianlong Dragon Banknote (face value of 100 yuan***), the current market price is around 2,500 yuan; in 2008 the Beijing Olympics banknote (face value of 10 yuan***), the current market price is about 5,000 yuan. However, industry insiders stated that the risk of stir-fried commemorative banknotes is very high. It is not recommended for ordinary collectors to participate.

Guan Gongban's best stamp in 2011 may be only 7.2 yuan for the face value of its publicity ticket, and it was suddenly called up by the market to 70 yuan. Later, it fell into a trough and was once abandoned by the market. However, the charm of Guan Gong was almost unstoppable. The Guansi Silk Siamese was a new era of conjoined stamps. The moral of Guan Kuan was also recognized by most people and gradually began to flourish in the market.

According to the grapevine, the selection of the best stamps in 2011 has ended, and the final results will be announced at the end of April. The success of the Guangong stamps is no suspense. Start selling goods.

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