Fendiya: to create comfortable and innovative fashion underwear for both sexes

Fendiya company "to lead the fashion trend underwear and create a perfect life of mankind" for the mission. Integrity based, innovation Zhiyuan as the company's core culture, focusing on the development of corporate culture and staff team building, with popular design, sophisticated workmanship, advanced fabrics to provide humanity with comfort, quality, fashion, innovation Underwear Fentia owns two major brands: Tainu and Fendiya.


Tango is a men's underwear brand , the design concept is to create a relaxed, comfortable, three-dimensional personal protection for men, Tango means excellent quality and unlimited possibilities, reflecting the elegant men's bold pursuit of a noble personality life; simple design but Without losing the taste of fashion, pay attention to three-dimensional cut, emphasizing the details of the design. Show "real man, not harsh" brand personality! --True men, can not agree with!


Fendiya is a lingerie brand, its products positioning the pursuit of fashion taste of modern young women. Fendiya perfect combination of Europe and the United States and the season's most avant-garde popular elements of the season, and integrated Chinese female body aesthetics, to provide them with a more comfortable, delicate, healthy and humane design. Whether in their workplace or casual gathering, they will provide them the most intimate and comfortable care, with their casual and elegant figure interpretation of the traceless sexy perfect.

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