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In fact, for the bed, its landscape requires several sheets and quilt covers. The pillowcases compete with each other. The color of the bedroom in the home is mainly from bedding. We can choose different styles, different colors, different textures of the bedspread sheets, actually in the purchase. When choosing bedding, pay attention to the choice of size and color.

All sheets, quilts, quilts, etc. have uniform standards: 200cm × 200cm bed should buy 200cm × 230cm standard sheets, quilt cover, quilt; and 180cm × 200cm bed should choose 230cm × 240cm kit, so buy Be sure to figure out the size of your bed before you do. In addition, it is recommended to buy the kit first, and then buy the quilt, so as not to be inappropriate.

The style of the bedding can also be purchased according to your own needs. You can buy a large set of parts first, and then gradually purchase the small set to replace. It is also possible to purchase lengthened and widened sheets (250cm x 228cm) and quilt cover (228cm x 200cm or 240cm x 220cm) instead of heavy quilted bedspreads and multi-purpose quilts. Plus 1 pair or one big pair of 2 pairs of pillows (large 84cm × 58cm, small 74cm × 48cm), you can also add a bag (60cm × 60cm), combined into 4 sets, 5 sets, 7-piece set, 10-piece set.

As the season changes, summer can choose light green, light gray, royal blue, white and other cool colors, small flower pattern of cotton bedding; spring and winter can choose purple, gray, yellow, orange and other warm color cotton bedding; The neutral color of the color, such as beige, light yellow, earth green, pink series, etc., is relatively mild and has strong affinity. For rooms with good temperature control conditions, it can be used all year round.

When choosing a bedding, you must be careful. The size must be clear in advance, otherwise the things you buy back can't be used. That's counterproductive.

First, the fabric recognizes the active printing of twill cotton 40: twill cotton is the manufacturing method of fabrics. At present, most of the home textiles, especially bedding, are made of two-up or three-up twill, so that the surface of the fabric is more Plump, easy to open and set in the printing and dyeing process, that is, we often say that it will not shrink. Twill cotton is more dense than plain weave fabric, consumes a large amount of yarn, and has good wear resistance. It is mainly stronger than plain weave and has good shrinkage. Active printing is a dyeing technique. The color of this method is more delicate, the color is beautiful, and it will not fade. This kind of printing and dyeing has higher requirements on the hardware environment such as machine and water quality, so it is not something that ordinary small factories can do.

Sanding printing: It is also a kind of printing. In the process of post-treatment, the fabric is sanded to make the surface of the fabric feel a certain velvet and improve the feel of the fabric. So what is sanding? Grinding, also known as grinding. A process in which a surface of a fabric is ground with a sanding roll (or belt) to form a short, dense pile of fluff, known as sanding, also known as sanding. It can make the warp and weft yarns produce fluff at the same time, and the fluff is short and dense. The suede is flat, full of feel, soft, rich in velvet, soft and lustrous. The sanded fabric is fluffy, thick, and has good warmth. When it falls to sleep at night, there is no coldness when other cotton cloths are in contact with the human body. At the same time, it has the advantages of no ball, no fading. The weight of a set of four-piece sanding is twice that of a normal four-piece set.

Satin fabric: It is made of satin weave. The fabric with regular density of 173*124CM is combed. The texture is soft, the surface is smooth, the elasticity is good, and the air permeability is good. It was named as the tribute emperor. The first fabric itself requires a high density to pay for the yarn, and the second is mainly silky during the printing and dyeing process, which increases the brightness and softness of the fabric. This fabric is relatively smooth and feels good. This product is 60 pieces.

Jacquard fabric: pure cotton high-density and high-density jacquard bedding. According to the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, the products are professionally designed. The products are exquisite and noble, feel smooth, bright and colorful, exquisite and comfortable, moisture absorbing and breathable. Weaving with a wide rapier loom and a wide-width shuttle, the yarn count is fine. In layman's terms, jacquard fabrics are flowers that are directly woven through a weaving machine. They display different parts of the pattern through different organizational expressions. The three-dimensional sense of the jacquard fabric is relatively strong, and the flower pattern is rich in layers. Jacquard fabrics are generally high-density and high-density fabrics, which are soft to the touch and have good gloss.

Knitting satin jacquard: based on satin weave, woven with jacquard weaving, using two or more different tissues, or with yarns of different raw materials, to create a layer of surface pattern and achieve design effect, the processing technology It is woven and dyed first. The product features retain the superiority of the satin, and it is more layered and changed. The color and texture are more beautiful and pleasing than the pure satin.

Second, the technical terminology answer:

Let's talk about the count, which is what we often see, 30, 60, etc.! For example, 30 friends also call it 30S, that is the same, no difference!

So what is the count? The count is the standard for the thickness of the yarn. For example, one or two cottons can be made into 30 yarns of 1 meter, that is 30, and one or two cottons can be made into 40 yarns of 1 meter long, that is 40;

1 Two cotton can be made into 60 yarns of 1 meter length, that is, 60 pieces. In fact, the higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn. The thinner the yarn is, the softer and more comfortable the cloth is.

However, the high count fabric requires high quality of the raw material (cotton), and the yarn mill and the textile weaving factory are also required to be relatively high, so the cost of the cloth is relatively high.

In the industry, cloth is basically not counting, they only talk about ** multiplication, because the choice of the number is very small, generally there are 30S and 40S, and the application of 60S is very small. It can be said that the 60S cloth is not suitable for doing. Bedding because she is too thin! There are not a few factories in the 80-dollar factory. You don't think that there are 80 pieces of cloth, so expensive, I have never seen it, just heard it, and as far as I know, domestic. Not yet, 80 beds are out!

Third, common buying mistakes:

Misunderstanding 1: The more the count, the better, the higher the count, the thicker the cloth, the higher the count, the denser the cloth!

Not necessarily, the same density is good for the high count, but 60S or more is not a bedding; the higher the density, the denser the cloth; the lower the count, the thicker the yarn, the thicker the cloth!

Myth 2: The cloth of 30 and 40 is very poor.

This is not the case. To know big brands (such as Luo Lai), more than 95% of them are 30 or 40. It can be said that the bedding products we see now, %98 is, 30, 40, and more, 20 (cloth is very thick), 60; embroidered and printed are 30, 40, 60 only jacquard, satin, etc., and jacquard is relatively small.

Misunderstanding 3: What technical data is too much to believe! Pursuit of high support and high density!

People may say that 60, I can say, 80, talk about who will not? There are too many people who don't know how to cloth, and they can't listen to what it is.

Fourth, the purchase experience talk:

At present, the main product of the market is 40 cotton. If you listen to a business that says you are 60 cotton or even 80, you should be careful. First of all, you have to look at the price, 60 cotton fabrics, the purchase price is basically five or sixty, a four-piece set, with less than 9 meters of cloth, plus manual fees, you calculate, the cost is also five or six hundred, If the monopoly is less than eight hundred, then don't think about it, it must be fake.

If it is 80, then don't believe it, because the more the number of the cloth, the finer the color of the cloth, and the denser the cloth will be. If the cloth of 80 cotton is washed, it is difficult to get wet because it is too dense. It is.

In fact, 40 in life is enough, and the cloth feels very good.

Five, online shopping tips:

1. Don't ask the seller if you are up. The bed fabric can't be compared with the sack cloth. The higher the yarn, the thinner the fabric, the better the hand feel. It should be chosen according to your daily needs.

2, do not blindly pursue the twill bed products, 80% of the embroidered bedding market should be plain cloth, do not think that the plain weave is worse than the twill, but of course if it is seventy or eighty bedding, even if he said it is twill Don't buy it, you will be disappointed.

3, do not expect 100% of the bedding products are not faded, but also do not think that they can buy tens of dollars to buy non-fading bedding. The use of active printing and dyeing technology is not faded, but the market price is 488 to 560 or so, because of the high cost, you can't buy it below the hundred yuan on the Internet. Below two hundred yuan, it is more difficult to buy online.

4, can not always think about buying non-shrinking bedding, different fabrics have different shrinkage rates, cotton fabrics are also the same, the shrinkage rate is about 3% - 5%, so the seller promises not to fade when not shrinking Move your brain.

5, when buying silk quilt, ask if it is tussah silk or mulberry silk, 100% silk, this concept is relatively vague, don't expect to buy 100% silk quilt at extremely cheap price, if you can buy it, estimate It is also made of scraps, and the filled silk must have been done with the hands and feet. The worst is the addition of chemical fiber.

6, on the counter-offer, if a set of bedding products you can return from 200 to 100, then advise you not to buy, indicating that either the seller's things are too much, or the seller may steal the column, will not give Your 200 good stuff will only give you 100. If your request for a substantial counter-offer meets the seller’s refusal, then you can consider buying the seller’s stuff. You should re-adjust and properly counter-offer.

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