Introduction to insulation and insulation textiles

Isolation and insulation textiles are textiles that have or have both isolation and insulation properties.

Isolation generally refers to heat insulation, fire prevention, and smoke blocking. Asbestos is the most used in the past; insulation generally refers to the insulation of electrical appliances. The earliest natural insulating material used is mica.

In large buildings, where there is a partial fire, when the fire zone is isolated from other areas, a fire shutter made of refractory fiber fabric is required. It is suitable for modern buildings with complex structures and large spans. When constructing an oil field or a chemical plant, if an open flame is to be activated, the hot fire area must be isolated and a similar fireproof fabric is required.

Glass fiber cloth and fiberglass needle felt are the most common insulation materials.

Electromagnetic shielding textiles are a class of high-tech textiles. The metal fiber, carbon fiber, and organic conductive fiber are blended with ordinary fibers, and the obtained fabric has electromagnetic shielding function because it can conduct electricity.

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