Increased difficulty in shutting down the operation of textile enterprises

Difficulties in the operation of textile enterprises The operation of textile enterprises is difficult, and the shutdown situation has increased.

According to feedback from member textile companies, the operation of textile companies has become increasingly difficult in recent days, and the situation of shutting down has gradually increased. The reason is as follows: First, the more you open, the more you lose. Even though the prices of yarns and cloths have cooled, prices have fallen, but cotton prices have remained high under the support of storage and storage, and have driven up the prices of bulk raw materials such as polyester and short products. Secondly, under the influence of the continuous widening of the price difference between domestic and foreign cotton, the impact of the outside cotton line on textile companies is also great. According to related companies, the yarns and cloths in Sichuan and Chongqing were exported through Guangdong. Nowadays, Guangdong enterprises use imported yarns in large quantities, which is several thousand dollars cheaper per ton. The price of raw materials has risen, and the clothing, knitting, printing and dyeing companies behind will not buy this account. The market can't be sold, there are jumping goods all over the place. Who will come to share the cost with you? This week, the quotation of a company's pure cotton yarn was reduced by 200-400 yuan/ton, the price of pure cotton 32 yarn was 26,800 yuan/ton, and the price of pure cotton 40 yarn (self-network) was 2.70-2.72 million yuan/ton. However, other related companies have reported that the actual selling price of pure 32-ply yarn is only 2.64-.65 million yuan per ton. The actual selling price of 40-ply pure cotton is only 26,800 yuan per ton. Raw materials and yarn and cloth prices run counter to each other. The second is the scarcity of cotton, and it is difficult for spinning companies to match cotton. Sichuan and Chongqing are pure cotton sales areas, which are not only 400-800 yuan/ton more expensive than those outside the province, but the current supply is already in short supply. In the case of difficult cotton distribution, textile companies have to shut down. The third is the cost difference. It is understood that this time, the first centralized area of ​​closure is in Chengdu, and the enterprises are close to the first-tier cities. The labor costs, utilities, and transportation costs are quite high. The second is Chongqing Huilong Dam. It is understood that these single-weaving companies have poor equipment and technology, and they have been difficult to recover after the closure of the previous stage. This is still a large-scale shutdown. Judging from the overall situation of shutting down the enterprises, mainly small and medium-sized private enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises are still maintaining stability.

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