Karen Fort fashion bamboo home living museum science and technology leading new fashion health

In today's rapid economic development, with rapid changes, modern urban people are often pushed by the tight pace of life, huge work pressure is exhausted exhausted, physically and mentally difficult to get out of their busy schedule, but also into abnormal noisy chaos In the world, sensory sense of smell has long been an aesthetic fatigue ... People are eager to extricate themselves, back to nature, advocating the rhythm of primitive flavor and the pursuit of healthy and simple fashion, modern life, feeling science and technology to bring the original ecology, low-carbon environmental clothing experience, so that the body and mind can be stretched and free Breathe! Founded in 2009, Krllobo focuses on the research and development, design, manufacture and sale of traditional clothing made from cotton, modal, hemp, silk, cashmere and many other blended fabrics. Advocate stylish, young, comfortable, taste the concept of home clothing, clothing, home to break the traditional style of the existing pattern, leading the trend of fashion home clothing!


Interpretation of living museum

Buyiell & Krllobo: The first technology Zhuma + fashion home clothing = fashion Zhuma home living museum mode, science and technology to lead a healthy lifestyle home new!

Business model:

To Buyiell & Krllobo fashion bamboo home living museum as the main mode of operation, but also can be based on market and store needs, a separate Krllobo (Karen Fort) or Buyiell single brand single store, single cabinet (shopping malls counters).

Operating advantages:

Buyiell (Buil) Krllobo (Karen Fort) fashion bamboo home living museum

凱倫堡时尚竹麻家居生活馆  科技引领健康新时尚

1, on the fabric: the first new (Buyle) bamboo and linen fabrics and (Karen Fort) traditional cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, modal and other synthetic fabrics complement each other to make up for the retail end of the fabric unity ;

2, on the product: the appearance of fashion and the combination of intrinsic comfort, the new bamboo patented technology as the core, the appearance of fashion as a gimmick; products from home to small pieces of apparel nearly 1,000 species, not only breadth more depth , Truly provide consumers with one-stop shopping service and convenience;

3, in the mode: compared to the traditional underwear , home clothing single brand shop, or live museum more theme, more competitive edge, lead healthy living with science and technology, and truly realize the "living museum" concept. Two brands, a variety of business models, according to different markets in different stores for flexible and free combination!

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