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Christmas is coming, and how can he be a dear lover? As a "communicator of love", Youyou couple's costumes spread the European view of French romance and love and create a sweet, romantic lovefashion. This winter, excellent couple introduced a variety of fashion apparel new fashion, Christmas adds happiness and happiness, hug happiness, hug love! In the cold winter, a stylish warm cotton pad is the best weapon to overcome the cold, eclectic tailoring, simple and elegant pocket, with a lovely hat, set foot in the snow boots, walk with his beloved him in the winter! Winter dull need to break the fashion of color, rainbow colored striped cotton pad beautiful, your red and yellow, his blue and gray, coordinated colors, self-cultivation of the shape, embellished with his romantic street! If you are a low-key Lord, then the sand-colored cotton suits I believe will be your heart love, light fabric to break the boring, take the color striped sweater, make a pair of low-key and tasteful couples it!

T/C Denim is a Denim, with deodorant, breathable, comfortable, etc.,

The advantage of T/C Denim

1.light,soft and comfortable

2.hygroscopic and sweat reasing

3.good permeability

4.Plain 100% Cotton Woven Fabric, a lovely collection of coloured denims.

5.A medium weight denim with stretch.

6.Craftsmanship: hand brushing, whisker, embroidery, print, wrinkle and grinding

7.Suitable for jeans, trousers, skirts, jackets, shorts, bags etc.,

T/C Denim

Custom T/C Denim,T/C Twill Color Denim,100%Cotton T/C Denim Fabric

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