Baby is a Scorpio, Sagittarius mothers, must have a look ...

Constellation, represents a person's personality, appearance and size of the true self. Just as the traditional Chinese characters can affect their nature, health, appearance and personal preferences as well as their fate. Different stars are located in the palace of life, and the location of each star, affecting your journey. Different stars, there will be different meanings. In the West, people pay great attention to the constellation, almost divination every month, understand the fortune of the month, to find ways to fortune, usually through the color to change the fortune. They think that everyone is a gorgeous rainbow in itself, which can burst into different colors through changes in the frequency of the system's internal organs and mood of the brain. November, Scorpio baby, shooter baby's home show let's see how they make momentum ... Scorpio Scorpio baby, talent is bright, with a keen sense of insight, growth is a worry-free child but It is inevitable that the baby will lose his mood because of the negligence of his parents. Boys lucky color: Sunshine Yellow, plants and trees Lucky Analysis: Sunshine Huang will bring confidence to Scorpio men and women, like bathing in the sun like angels. Comfort version of the built-in high-grade cotton, coupled with Zhuowei Velcro specially made S, it seems Scorpio baby sunshine health. Vegetation green is the color of the olive branch in Athens Flame, full of activities and hopes, a symbol of happiness and pleasure. Fabric lightweight, smooth texture, wear body, warm heart. Girl lucky color: pink orange fortune Analysis: powder orange is a proud color, filled with warmth and romance, help to relax and ease emotions. Down jacket upper body sewn both stylish and warm lamb hair, long version of the prominent body, catch a pair of small boots, to be a quiet little girl.

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