AITU Guangzhou is flagship store anniversary window of creativity and romantic coexist

AITU brand women 's style is unique and publicity, full of passion and full of vitality. The most popular lifestyle news and international trends of the quarter are AITU's design inspiration. This unique style is reflected in the clever mix of fashion and cutting style tailored to the psychological needs of the city's women reflects the personality of the dress, make the fashion style of women do.


AITU brand fifth anniversary of the whole, in addition to a series of celebrations, AITU Guangzhou is also flagship store is also the anniversary of the launch window. The window to the romantic orange-red tone, mixed with three-dimensional watercolor ink figures, more than enough creativity to create a thick holiday atmosphere.

Creative point 1: a large number of "5" and piles of small "5", the use of red, blue, green, yellow and other colors for water-based inkpots, with arbitrary sway to bring rich visual effects.

AITU广州正佳旗舰店周年庆橱窗 创意与浪漫共存

Idea 2: The stacked gift boxes are orange and dark green, creating an elegant and romantic holiday atmosphere.

AITU广州正佳旗舰店周年庆橱窗 创意与浪漫共存

ATU Guangzhou is good shop anniversary window 正照:

AITU广州正佳旗舰店周年庆橱窗 创意与浪漫共存


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