Olignon and your November 12 Meet "after wave • China brand underwear outstanding dealer Choi Chi Summit" Chongqing Station



November 12, Aolingun underwear group company to bring its "healthy underwear" Olivia Lennon, the new transformation of the crystal transformation of the secret, "Canada Shaping underwear" Meizhi Ting, brilliant debut, "Wave of our times," the second quarter "Underwear Vision · China Miles hundred terminal" gold medal store & "era pioneer awards ceremony" and China brand underwear outstanding dealer Choi Chi Summit (Chuan Yu station) scene, in particular, is the concern of the young Lennon's fashion brand crystal Secret new transformation in the new channel after shuffling, has re-investment, setting off a new round of fashion underwear wealth storm! It is reported that the secret agents in individual areas of crystal still in business negotiations, people with lofty ideals welcome to consult the discussion, and seek common development!



In the Internet, the impact of electricity supplier, plant, business, shop three parties how to deal with?

Adversity, brands, agents, terminal manufacturers how to break the bottleneck?

2015 is coming to an end, 2016 is coming, the layout of underwear business in the new year?

By then, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces of outstanding agents, terminal operators and many outstanding enterprises in the industry, major television stations, mass media, online media, industry media, nearly 1,000 from the media will come together, Sichuan and Chongqing underwear market yesterday, today, tomorrow, in-depth analysis of thinking collisions, a total of breaking the road!

Attached: Choi Chi summit brief introduction:
【Summit Time】:
November 12-13, 2015 【Venue】:
China • Chengdu Jintang World Expo Center International Ballroom


【Summit official service hotline】:
Yang Ling
Jiang Lan
Crystal secret brand leader: Qin Jiahua

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