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November 11, 2015 to 15, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, three major shopping malls Gorgon Betty new new part of the new autumn and winter, held a "new (regular price) a 15% off, two 20% off" promotion Activities; the original counter special discounts and discounts remain. A variety of promotions waiting for you, welcome to shop try on purchase! You do not have to worry about size discomfort, photos and in-kind discrepancies, styles do not like, return disputes and many other things, but also do not need to wait anxiously. Pick - try - not satisfied - then pick - completely satisfied - pay, shop shopping is so happy! ! (The final interpretation of this event belongs to Gary Betty Counter)

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Fei Ge Bei Ti, with a gentle gesture interpretation of profound philosophy, from the essence of Chinese traditional culture, "Yue Ji, the more beautiful," the concept of concise and profound meaning, but also reflects the modern women know how to care for themselves, the pursuit of the soul and Body balance wisdom. In terms of design, we are close to the needs of Asian women and integrate human aesthetics, engineering, structural mechanics, anatomy (fat free learning), medical science and other five disciplines and related scientific analysis data to carry out humane design, exert moderately strong Medium and weak pressure, so that we can wear comfortable, to achieve the fat shift of the modulation effect. Combination of popular elements, in the "healthy, coordinated and balanced" scientific concept of beauty, subtleties highlight quality.

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