Men's favorite lingerie color desire and knowledge about underwear

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Underwear , not just a woman's close companion, different colors of underwear tend to be able to see a different desire index, you know?

Red underwear representative: the pursuit of excitement.


Girls who love red sexy underwear, said they like to stimulate, and constantly looking for excitement. In the choice of partner, usually preferred muscle strong type, that this body will bring a sense of excitement. Like to try fresh intimacy, and very concerned about each other's response, in addition to satisfy themselves, but also want to meet each other.

Black underwear representative: sexy and noble.

男人喜欢的内衣颜色 关于内衣的欲望和知识

Black underwear, there is a compelling solemn, sexy and noble wonderful unity. Like black underwear woman, in the physical requirements do not need too much, but like to indulge in fantasy. According to the survey, most boys like girls wearing black underwear, especially wearing a large white blouse hidden inside the black underwear for girls more sexy, temptation.

Flesh-colored underwear representative: like casual.

男人喜欢的内衣颜色 关于内衣的欲望和知识

The flesh-colored underwear here can also be described as a color, the two are not too different. Flesh color and skin color is very similar to a color, but also not lovable, young girls rarely choose flesh-colored underwear. Girls who can choose flesh-colored underwear will not focus too much on the desire, though casual, but relatively conservative.

Purple underwear representative: love romance.

男人喜欢的内衣颜色 关于内衣的欲望和知识

Girls like purple underwear is not necessarily a strong desire, but certainly romantic enough. At the same time, purple is also a very attractive color, looking for excitement, if you sprinkle a little perfume, it is equivalent to a powerful weapon to increase the passion of two people. Women who are tired of desire can try out underwear.

Pink underwear representative: pure cute.

男人喜欢的内衣颜色 关于内衣的欲望和知识

If you can use the color to distinguish the character, pink girls tend to be more simple and lovely. Wear pink underwear more can arouse the boy's desire for protection. If this woman belongs to a small Iraqis, fragile, then wearing pink will arouse the aggressiveness of men that is animal. So, girls like to wear pink underwear have their own careful machine, have a certain desire.

Cold knowledge about lingerie and desire, you got it?

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