Loving underwear Li Caihua interpretation of the temptation to take home with love

In September 2011, Hong Kong's "Lady of the Undead", which brought together the shadow, sight and song triptych popularity, signed a contract with Maple Leaf Enterprises, a star of Hunan TV hit seduction drama "The Return of Home" and became the brand spokesperson of Ai Dai underwear . And filming the latest endorsement image of love wearing underwear advertising blockbuster - the temptation to bring home love, following Xiaobian appreciate it!

枫莲 - Fenglian



Li Caihua since debut, over the years, with a healthy appearance in the entertainment establish a positive and positive star image, with a high popularity has won the love of many viewers. Located in love and health of the Maple Leaf business Ai Dai brand, since its establishment, has been "caring for women's health, dissemination of underwear culture" as its mission, the healthy underwear culture spread to consumers. Now, Li Caihua and Ai Dai coincide, successful hand in hand, will join together to spread the cause of health.

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