UNIKON Women's 2012 spring and summer series of new new listing

UNIKON Women's Spring / Summer 2012 Collection New Listed, Checkered, Colorful Summer, Mature Elegance three series of new products, so that you love this summer, excellent, wear excellent!


Call pure relaxation, happy holidays, happy escape from everyday life. Bright yellow, fresh blue, gentle rate, soft powder, make this summer full of generosity, moderation, joy and confidence.


From the British classics, it has always been hot and dazzling any season. Whether the summer shirt, half skirt or dress can not get rid of the temptation of the grid. It can be fashionable and sexual. You can elegant atmosphere, so that different personality, you wear a different beauty.


Modern urban women need a strong, bold, full of confidence, better confrontation in the city's daily life. For life and work, they dream of a gentle and gentle connection, mature and elegant dress, let them return to a more real existence.

UNIKON women's brand , adhering to the European "fashion, atmosphere, classics," but also into the East, "subtle, elegant." The 25-38 year-old urban fashion, intellectual white-collar new women as the central target consumer groups. Designers focus on human design, with "noble, refined, simple" design style as the keynote, make full use of "simple and smooth lines, natural and simple materials, fresh and elegant colors," and implement a variety of small quantities of high-cost products Positioning strategy to design simple and classic, free and comfortable clothing.

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