Highlight the highlight of the textile market curtains take the lead in sales

China Textile City Dragon Spring City, home textiles, home textiles tracery sales of local fabric is relatively smooth, some flower-style renovation curtains, screens have become the highlight of counterparts purchase, Curtain cloth transactions were slightly pushed up the trend, the screens Sales also increased slightly. Since the opening day of the first month of the first month, curtain fabrics mainly made of polyester FDY, DTY and POY have been relatively moving with a total area of ​​280 cm, accounting for most of the transaction. Some FDY-based and FDY-based transfer printing Curtain fabric, (DTY + FDY) composite silk positioning printing curtain fabric, (POY + DTY) composite silk positioning printing curtain fabric, bright FDY positioning printing curtain fabric and other fabrics to flower style continuous renovation win, much to the target customers Favorite, small batches of partial batches of more active subscription, a small deal to see a large batch. To a large light FDY triangular profile silk jacquard curtain fabric, embroidered curtain fabric, printed curtain fabric and to (POY + DTY) composite silk as the base wire, large bright FDY triangular wire jacquard curtain curtain layout and more of the small batch With more varieties of transactions, the new pattern of local fabric sales go smooth, part of the pattern of the registration pattern fabric smooth, creative pattern fabric prices steadily rising, part of the former shop-factory entity cloth industry and industry and trade integration The development of large-scale operation of the creative market-type fabrics market advantage, the added value of fabrics than the road goods have improved. In recent days, the cashmere market, long fiber FDY, DTY-based raw materials, low-grade window-based spot transactions increased slightly, the local order to send an increase, the price of creative fabrics slightly rose. To Terri Wong, glass yarn, Europe root yarn, Ko root yarn, bright yarn, flash yarn, yarn and other special yarn products such as jacquard, embroidery, printing, cutting flowers, crumpled, Burnt-out, bronzing or Chuanchang Chain embroidery and other fabrics transparent, translucent varieties or embedded gold, silver grid fabric local stores are still much favored counterparts customers, style renovation fabrics occupy the market advantage, the series fabrics become the bright spot in the market.

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