Zhuowei Le children's wear for children to wear more confident

Natural minimalist European design style, so that children wear more confident, more close to the international trend; together to taste TU Vivi children's spring and summer 2012 natural simplicity of the design style now! Serialized design style, models and models can be freely with, so that with more choices; colorful, bring out the innocent and lively personality of the child. Sogni Kids, from Hong Kong, is a children's apparel brand owned by Zhuowei International in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, Sogni Kids has focused on providing fashionable, healthy and comfortable children's apparel products to its customers. In 2012 Zhuowei Le hope to good quality, design style, high quality service experience, consumers have won the recognition, to give children the best care.

      Product Category: Polyester Rope, the product is made of high-strength polyester industrial giant (PET) fiber, and is processed through two twisting lines. The rope is the second only in all synthetic fibers, wear resistance is second only to nylon. It is several times higher than other synthetic fibers, good in aging resistance, fatigue resistance, antistatic, good UV and chemical resistance. At the same time, in the wet state, the breaking strength and elongation state are consistent, which is suitable for high-load continuous friction operation. The surface is soft and feels good, high strength and long service life. There are 3-strand, 8-strand, and 12-strand of polyester ropePolyester Double Braided Rope, which is mostly used for ship mooring, ocean transportation, port terminal, national defense military, Winch Rope, mine traction, etc. 

     Our company is a relatively large cable manufacturer and wholesaler in China, with perfect after-sales service and technical support. Looking forward to your cooperation!Polyester Double Braided Rope12-strand Polyester Rope

Polyester Rope

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