Bear B Qi: Children's clothing brand to join the need to seize the six key points

Children's clothing brand joined the shortcut to become a lot of clothing entrepreneurs, even if your children's wear to join a child like Bixiong BQ children's clothing brands, but children's clothing brand joined obviously there are many more, then children's clothing brand to join to pay attention to when? Bear B Qi (http://) that children's clothing brand to join the need to seize the six key points. First, the choice of children's clothing brand to join early, pay attention to reasonable financing, reasonable investment Some people are eager to start their own business, so choose to join children's clothing brand. Some franchisees in order to raise the franchise fee, margin, etc., everywhere, and even by usury also is worth. Once the shop, although the business is fairly smooth, but every day to raise money to repay debt, completely unintentionally into business management. The leading operator in the battlefield, once the funds for the dispatch and left the front line, the rest of the store will be affected immediately, so the quality of service is gradually declining. The customer is also sensitive, and slowly gradually away from the shop, of course, the performance can not be further upward, the business was originally good business often collapse. In order to raise the fees for franchising and opening, Mr. Fung borrows money from people. Successful children's clothing brand joined the shop, the business is booming. See profitable, a creditor proposed to lend Mr. Feng 100,000 yuan stake in the management of the hotel and the distribution of profits, if you do not agree, you immediately pay the debt. In order to raise money for debt service, Mr. Fung unintentionally invested in hotel management, service quality gradually low. Therefore, the British Venture Laboratory believes that the franchisees should do their best to choose their own threshold to join the cost, otherwise, the debt, all day long worried, the store's business has a great impact. At the same time, children's wear brand franchisees to determine the investment of the entire funds to determine a reasonable distribution ratio, do the overall planning. Do not wait until the wind and light of the opening, only to find that no funds for the store after the operation, would not make a big joke. Second, the choice of children's clothing brand to join control Good business costs, planning a good purchase strategy The cost of the business process control is very important, less than a separate branch is equivalent to more than a profit, the cost of compression in the lower range is absolutely necessary. However, too much savings is not correct. For example, the lighting effect is an indispensable condition for attracting customers for the sale of certain goods. If the spotlight is turned off for power saving, it will definitely outweigh the benefits. At the same time, planning a good purchase strategy, adjust the turnover rate, but also an effective way to control costs. Store should be avoided as much as possible Yahuo, many new and frequent employers often have a serious situation of funds, financial hard-pressed, and soon in trouble. Seasonal slow-moving goods should be timely clearance price clearance, with the new stock to fill the original vacancies. After all, the only thing that is sold is the money. Third, the choice of children's wear brand to join the Institute to manage employees Although the franchise, headquarters will provide a series of training in staff management, franchisees will provide the appropriate support, however, far water can not save near fire, franchisees need to look from the source The problem is really mastery and learning how to manage employees. Starting from the examples of many entrepreneurs, the British-Chinese Entrepreneurship Laboratory found that many new bosses did not correctly understand this issue. Starting from the usual thinking and acting according to their own nature, it is not surprising that many internal staff members dismantled the stage. "Just contact the franchise chain, thinking that as long as joining the success, you can easily enjoy it has become." Ms. Wu has joined a beauty chain so feeling. Miss Wu believes that lying down nothing, everything from the headquarters to manage just fine. After the real opening, the staff's problems come one after another. One of the company's employees worked hard to sell other beauty products to customers. In less than a week, several of the company's key employees were dug away by other beauty salons and took away dozens of regular customers. Miss Wu recruit recruits, not long before, found that it is done for others wedding dress. Therefore, franchisees must recognize that managing their employees is their own business, and they must be done. First of all, franchisees should fully understand their own staff. Being a manager, it is not easy to be able to fully recognize employees. However, if managers can fully understand their employees, the work will be carried out smoothly. Each staff has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of abilities, personality, attitude, knowledge and accomplishment. Some work quickly and neatly with some caution and others are good at handling interpersonal relationships Relationship, while others like to work hard in the statistical data. As the saying goes, "a soldier is a dead friend," a manager who understands his staff well will be a first-rate manager both in terms of work efficiency and personal relationships. Second, we should communicate more with employees and listen to the voices of employees. Employees always have their own dissatisfaction and opinion, although there are correct, but also not correct. However, it can cause major problems if it is not let out or led. Therefore, managers need to communicate frequently with employees, consult their opinions and listen to questions raised by employees. Unlock the knot of employees, the team will be more united, work enthusiasm will be higher. At the same time, to allow employees to make mistakes, good performance of staff to real-time recognition. The real world is full of uncertainty. In such an environment, doing things naturally can not be successful. Being a manager who demands subordinates not to make any mistakes can discourage innovation and make them work fearlessly. Of course, to make contributions to employees, we must promptly give rewards and recognition in order to boost morale. Fourth, choose to join the children's clothing brand to learn to manage customers, establish a good customer relationship A wheat has three fate: First, ground into the face, being consumed by people to achieve its own value; Second, as a seed, sowing new wheat Grain, to create new value; Third, due to poor storage, moldy, lost its value. In other words, if wheat is managed well, it will create value for mankind; if it is not properly managed, it will lose its value and even bring negative value. The same is true of the customer, the franchise is well-managed, the customer becomes his loyal customer, and the poor management results in a significant loss and affects other customers. Entrepreneurship in Britain to remind entrepreneurs to join should learn to manage customer files, retain customers, new customers. Customer files, including the customer's basic information, transaction status, credit capabilities, which is franchisees to manage and track important information. A careful analysis of customer profiles, will find their own preferences, vision, purchasing power, which can be more targeted for them to recommend goods and services. To develop a new customer is 6 times the cost of developing an old customer, so keeping old customers is the basis for the franchise's survival. Good after-sales service for customers, and strengthen customer communication, is an effective way. At the same time, franchise stores can be members of the preferential activities, such as timely return of old members to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. In order to open up the market, tap new customers, franchisees can take a variety of operating methods of marketing. For example, the law of co-management: It is possible to establish a business association with a common client base such as a coffee shop, cinema, cybercafe, etc. For example, buying a prescribed product may result in obtaining a movie ticket. Five, children's clothing brand to join and join the headquarters coordination and cooperation Franchise and franchise headquarters has a very delicate relationship, both dependent on each other, but also have their own interests axis. Therefore, the franchise and headquarters will inevitably be some conflict. The franchisees often complain that there is bureaucracy in the headquarters, only know how to command blindly, lack of understanding of the actual situation; and the headquarters will also think that the franchisees are self-centered and do everything they want and do not support or cooperate with the headquarters. This happens often because franchisees have more or less suspicion or resistance to the company's policies, or at least be wary of them. Therefore, the franchisees in the choice of joining the headquarters, should invest a lot of energy to study; once joined after the success, should hold "to create a win-win" mentality, and actively cooperate with headquarters. The so-called too far, suspicion, conflict and complete dependence are not franchisees of the business. Entrepreneurship labs in Britain remind entrepreneurs to join. As most of China's regions are highly regionalized, the consumption level and consumption concept in each city and region vary widely. Successful business strategies elsewhere in the headquarters may not be suitable for local Affiliate. Therefore, the franchisees should actively communicate with the headquarters on the basis of listening to the opinions of the headquarters, transmit the local information in a timely manner and make use of the existing experience of the headquarters to jointly explore the business strategies suitable for the local conditions. Sixth, choose to join the children's clothing brand to actively accumulate industry experience Industry experience for the selection of children's clothing brand franchisees, is the Han Xin soldiers, more benefit. The so-called interlaced, such as every mountain, peers different interests, is due to familiarity or not caused. Industry experience is difficult to get from one or several books, many things can only be obtained by personal experience. Therefore, franchisees should be careful, a lot of accumulation. For example, open a children's clothing brand franchisees, franchisees should look more popular magazines, more fashion events to cultivate their own unique fashion concept and keen fashion sense. When entering the shop every customer, you can have a unique perspective, to provide her with a match, but also worry about the franchise's turnover is not by leaps and bounds? In summary, to join the business to success, the franchisee itself To work hard, to learn to operate, in order to pay the multiples of the payback to improve the probability of success profit! Children's wear brand joined several key success has been to share with you, the success of children's clothing franchisees need more effort and super strength The implementation of the job.

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