CUHK children's clothing offside juvenile equipment to continue Yangfan voyage

Offside juvenile wear is the first proposed "big kids clothing brand" concept of children's clothing brand, focusing on 6-16 years old children and adolescents clothing apparel build. Fashion in the forefront of the collection of cities - Guangzhou, offside clothing with many garment enterprises similar to the business model, set the clothing design, production and sales integration. In the past year, the offside successfully opened up large children and youth wear market, winning the favor of many investors and consumers. In 2012, the offside clothing will continue to sail, setting the brand image in front of more big children. When the children's clothing market fierce competition for a smoke, the offside youth installed in the large children, teenage clothing market has maintained a leader position, the brand is still long-lasting growth. Through standardized market operation, reasonable product management, step by step toward the climax of the children's clothing market, and then take the first place in China's children's clothing market. At present, there is a great vacancy in the domestic market for children and grandchildren. The opportunity to seize the offside youth has come into being. With the promotion of brand awareness and popularity, some children and teenagers have also developed their brands. They have also promoted brand awareness through various media advertisements, while offside youth clothing has devoted all its resources to pursuing Product quality and service guidance, which led to the rise and spread of brand reputation. Concerned about product quality, starting from the details. Out-of-juvenile wear all products use all environmentally friendly fabrics, to ensure direct contact with the skin, to ensure that wearing health, which will benefit the child's physical development. In the offside apparel factory workshop attached to this slogan: every procedure must be strict, every piece of clothing are made of fine, honestly do a good job of clothes is their own, but also the basic guarantee for the development of apparel brand. High-altitude pavilions have to flat ground, the offside youth clothing to convey the culture of clothing is to allow young children to actively fight, courage, but does not support the underestimated basis of the pragmatic attitude. Like the offside brand advice to the franchisee, "joining the best brand can not only be the boss, do not do business," the high position of the image must be achieved through a long time hard work. Understand CUHK children clothing consumers, good products, services, culture, image, is a good prerequisite for the offside brand must be. Guangzhou Offside Garments Co., Ltd. (offside juvenile equipment) Address: Jiahe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Jia Jun Jia Jun Industrial Park Investment Hotline: Join agent area: http: //

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