Enterprise network integration marketing careful strategy

[China Glass Network] Enterprise Network Integration Marketing Careful Strategy

According to Bosch Technology's five-year network integration marketing practice, exploration and summary, it is found that network integration marketing should achieve better results, careful attention and use the following six points, I believe that can help a lot of today's network integration marketing A struggling enterprise.


As far as network integration marketing is concerned, the concept of “viral marketing” has been proposed, and the network integration marketing contagion referred to today is basically similar. The interactivity of the network makes the network integrated marketing have the basic effect of snowballing, which makes the marketing have the possibility of unlimited enlargement.

Actually, the contagious nature of network integration marketing has such a large role. How can we effectively play the role of network integration marketing infectivity? Bosch Technology proposes to solve the following four aspects:

1. Use social events;

2. Utilize sudden events;

3. Use the psychology of the people to chase stars;

4. Use anti-traditional psychology. In view of the low randomness of the first two points, it is generally possible to take more time to start from the last two points.


The coincidence mentioned here is different from repeatability. In the case of advertising, so-called repetitiveness refers to the same advertisement that appears repeatedly using the same media. The so-called "coincidence" applies the concept of integrated marketing communication, which is to appear in different forms on different media or in different forms on the same medium (such as positioning, selling, etc.).

If a customer only sees two advertisements for a product, one situation is that two words are seen on the same medium, and one is that one word is seen on the two media. From an objective psychological point of view, the third situation in fact makes it easier for customers to create impressions and build memories.


The meaning of "endorsement" means that at least one authoritative or credible medium conveys information to confirm and corroborate information previously disclosed by another medium. A more typical example of this is the "Yan, Zhaomen" incident. At first, such news appeared on the Internet. Many netizens suspected and even insisted that it was a composite picture. After knowing that the print media participated in the report, all the talents began to turn to be convinced or even convinced.

It is not difficult to see that when enterprises conduct network integration marketing, it is necessary to use “endorsement” to conduct integrated promotion through more credible media to make up for the shortcomings of the network and achieve better publicity.


All advertising campaigns, in the final analysis, are all intended to contribute to the purchase behavior of consumers. Network integrated marketing advertising as a kind of advertising is naturally no exception. As a kind of "relay" activity, it can't be suspended in the air forever. Only the marketing of "landing" can play a sales role. From the Sichuan earthquake case, it is “network landing”, through the fundraising network to relay. This is why many fast-moving consumer goods companies, when doing large-scale TV commercials, will first do a good job of distributing outlets and high-selling rates, so that the "TV brand advertising" will be ready for the end!


As we all know, operating online advertising is different from advertising that operates traditional media, especially in the emerging form of online advertising represented by search engine keyword precision advertising. Take print media newspaper advertisements as an example. When we operate advertisements, we need to highlight the differences with similar competitive advertisements through design, copywriting, etc., or expect to stand out from the numerous advertisements. We call it “differentiation”. Similarly, marketing ads like web page ads and search engines also require such "personality" to highlight competitiveness.

When searching for relevant information in search engines, many of the above ads mostly like to write a creative title. The key to "a good half of the text" is in this place. To this end, we are linked to various ideas (such as entertainment hotspots, product features, personalized packaging, promotional offers, online hot words, etc.) in the title, highlighting the concept of promotion, combined with the customer's search habits, through such differentiation Businesses drive more consumer buying behavior.


One of the keys to the effectiveness of advertising is the credibility of advertising. Earlier we mentioned that the credibility of the network is not enough, and the advertisements provided by the merchants are put on the network, and the credibility will naturally become more scarce. Is there any way to increase the promotion of advertising? We can let the website endorse us!

The content of the website itself needs to be constantly updated to attract netizens to visit, and most websites cannot be equipped with a large number of editors to save money, which inevitably leads to the desire for manuscripts. More importantly, it is difficult for the editors of the website to have the professional and delicate details of each line, and some of the industry's authoritative information is also in the hands of the enterprise personnel in the industry, so the website needs the support of the practitioners in the industry. Do not shy away, the so-called network integration marketing cooperation proposal, in fact, is very similar to the soft text propaganda used in the operation of print media, but because the layout of the print media is relatively scarce, and the network has almost no layout restrictions, so the network operation The space is relatively large.

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