Ai on the music fashion women's brand management as the core, the formation of a sustained brand

As the consumption of branded women is greatly influenced by the psychological factors, it is the first choice of shopping for women in the brand according to the survey. The reason is the service and shopping environment, followed by the price and other factors, so as to create a comfortable and personalized shopping environment for customers and provide first-class The service is the terminal of the establishment of the shop. In addition to the current sales channel to protect the brand style, more and more women operators began to establish a brand image through the sales terminal, the formation of a distinctive store design. Ai on Le Fashionable women's clothing brand eye-catching logo, simple and stylish layout, all constitute the brand characteristics, and to convey to consumers, Ai music goods fashion brand personality.

As Ai Lele brand women's clothing for a specific target consumer groups (20-30 year-old young women), emphasizing the individuality of women's brand, including product style, clothing store design, brand image planning and other aspects. Only when the product style, store style and brand image of the same, the brand's personality was revealed. Therefore, the store on the brand image is essential. Store for the clothing, not just sales of places, but also a show of personality. Store's design style, props, lighting, etc. must heighten the quality of clothing and improve the added value of clothing.

In the women's business, the brand has a decisive act, and brand building can not once and for all, the need for sustained brand management. Compared with the traditional production and operation, Ai Shangle Fashion brand has a stronger market orientation. Taking the brand as the marketing target and brand operation as the core, it integrates the operation and reorganization of assets, the division and control of business risks, and the sales Channel management and control of modern marketing concepts.

The core idea of ​​Ai Shang Le Pin's fashion brand is that through its eight major advantages in marketing software such as brand reputation, market development, sales channel, product development, production technology management, quality control, human resources and information control, Form a strong adhesion, the external resources supply, production, sales and other aspects of the resources included in the scope of the operation, so that Ai music products fashion brand women's market expansion and competitiveness of the rapid increase.

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