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HOPERISE is one of the key brands of Red Ruixing International Co., Ltd., which specializes in hi-tech fashion apparel products and was founded in 1989. HOPERISE design headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and more than 100 countries in the world for the brand of intangible assets protection, the terminal market layout in Western Europe, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe, the radiation of the entire European and American markets. HOPERISE officially landed in China in 2009, the brand positioning as a high-end fashion fashions men, the brand advocates a positive attitude toward life, is a successful and passionate men sought after fashion brand. At present, HOPERISE selected Shanghai as the marketing headquarters in China. With the international fashion capital of Shanghai, HOPERISE promotes the brand building with the international superior resources and the local excellent talent team in China. With a differentiated management approach, HOPERISE endeavors to accelerate HOPERISE in China The pace of expansion. In October 2011, Hu Bing officially became HOPERISE fashion leader, fashion star to lead the fashion elite men's dress philosophy in China. HOPE: Hope; RISE: Take Off HOPERISE represents a positive, energetic and hopeful brand that demonstrates its strong vitality and competitiveness. It is free, independent, humorous, sexy and avant-garde. The pursuit of individuality, self, assertiveness and fashion sense. The average monthly income of RMB3000-10000 +25-42 years old, have a unique insight into fashion, deep introverted urban elite men temperament. HOPERISE men's pursuit of fashion and unique wear tastes, with a young mind; wise, passionate, heavy style more emphasis on quality, have a certain social experience higher cultural level, focusing on personal quality of life, willing to enjoy high-quality life; fashion, personality, Health, freedom and sunshine, the pursuit of simplicity in life, focusing on the design concept of international brands, looking forward to different, contains personal philosophy of life dress.

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