The Second Color China Summit Forum Held in Shanghai

Hu Song, Vice President of China Fashion Color Association

Second China Color Summit Forum

On June 21, the "Second Color China Summit Forum" was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The forum was jointly sponsored by the China Fashion Color Association and the China Coatings Industry Association. Around the theme of “cross-border linkage and color marketing”, color experts from various research fields at home and abroad gathered together to create more than 200 domestic elite designers and companies. The operators brought a colorful feast. This forum was specially sponsored by Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd.
The forum was successfully held under the auspices of the well-known urban color planning experts and Professor Guo Hongyu of Sun Yat-sen University. Sun Lianying, president of China Coatings Industry Association, Hu Song, vice president of China Fashion Color Association, and Qu Gang, general manager of Beijing Tubo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. attended the forum.
In the forum building forum, the first speech was given by Yu Ximan, a famous Chinese color expert, vice president of the China Fashion Color Association, and chairman of Ximan Color Company in Beijing. The color of natural and harmonious architectural facades was designed and realized through Chinese cities. A case study of color planning, exploring the realities and solutions to the color of architectural facades. The color design director of the engineering division of Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd., Kato Makoto, focused on “color aesthetics and popular color analysis of urban architecture” as the theme, focusing on the role of color in the urban environment, and discussed the application of paint to improve the urban environment and How to effectively use color visual information.

China Paint Industry Association President Sun Lianying

In the forum's indoor section, Ms. Jin Zeng, the founder of STYLE-VISION, an internationally renowned trend forecasting agency from France, spoke first. From the perspective of helping companies successfully capture consumer demand, she explained the four major trends affecting the future of interior design through concrete examples, and released relevant color ranges and design directions. Zhang Qian, the design director of the Development Department of China Fashion Color Association, right-decoration, death-declining islands, first-sleeves, wood-smashing, üü, Xun Congyong, Bao Shi, Dao Shi, and Dethrone杓 杓 杓 岷 岷 ? ? ? ? ? 壑诖 壑诖 戳 戳 戳 戳?
In the field of industrial design, Prof. Fu Wei, Director of Industrial Design at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Media and Design and Director of the Color Innovation Center of China Fashion Color Association conducted a theme report on "Trends in China's New Design" from the perspective of color, and interpreted Chinese consumers. On the basis of life forms and visual aesthetics, new experiences in the field of industrial design are inspired.
In the interactive session, the speakers and the audience underwent a lively exchange. The audiences expressed that this forum covered many areas of coating applications and used cross-border methods to integrate the trends, R&D and application of paint colors in various fields, not only for the design and R&D departments, but also for the management of companies and brands. Bring a lot of useful inspiration.
The 2nd Color China Summit Forum gave the audience a glimpse of the beauty of paint colors, and the uninterrupted China International Coatings Summit during the Expo has provided visitors and exhibitors with more industry opportunities. At the same time, the audience can also visit the never-ending online Tu Expo through the official website of the Expo to feel the latest development trend of the paint industry.

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