Fashion and creative talent BESTIAIRE color zoo series

Boucheron has introduced animal and jewelry since the 1970s and officially launched the animal-focused BESTIAIRE color zoo series in 2005. With lifelike styling and creative ideas, Boucheron gives birth to the brand's soul representatives, whether colorful or not Chameleons, snails, or cute little frogs and hedgehogs. Every animal jewel is full of character, and each one contains a story. Exquisite compact animal is to test the skill of craftsmen, publicity wings, micro-hook tail or affectionate demeanor, all in the delicate fingers make details, distinctive Choi Po color is to give the animal series rich look, show beyond the imagination the power of! In 2012, continuing the BESTIAIRE color zoo series and the Cabinet of Curiosities last year, BOUCHERON added a number of new force, including the newly created BAGHA Tiger series, to add lovable flavor to the majestic king of beasts; the other two are for On the new clothes PEGASE BMW ring new inlaid with full white é‘š, brilliant wings flying from the romance of Greek mythology; TORTUE turtle ring, tiger eye stone is replaced by the original pink crystal, playful to show the unique flavor of practice. BAGHA Tiger Series BAGHA Tiger Series Gorgeous King of Beasts King of beasts from the jungle, wearing a gorgeous striped fur, sturdy body marching steady pace, it seems lazy but ready, BOUCHERON The king of the tiger style into the design, the only vivid portrayal BAGHA Tiger Series, BOUCHERON Tiger superb style, add a little BOUCHERON unique playful ingenuity, crafted face flashing bright emerald eyes, climbing At the fingertips of the double claw and the slightly raised tiger tail is even more put it down, add a trace of fierce tiger cute atmosphere. BAGHA Tiger Series a total of 18K rose gold and white K gold two, BAGHA rose gold tiger ring, inlaid with white rose and black corundum tiger pattern on the body of rose gold, white shimmering and thick black corundum silhouetted against the rose gold color, rendering Out of the tiger's gorgeous fur, and BAGHA white K gold tiger ring is white K gold and plastic, black corundum mosaic tiger stripes, pure color outline snow tiger aura, two very different styles. PEGASE BMW ring, 334 diamonds a total of 2,73 karats, a total of 0,03 karats of sapphire 2,080 karats PEGASE BMW series Traveling sky's mournful gods PEGASE BMW series inspired by the Greek mythology, the legendary PEGASE is a white wing with Pegasus, born from the sea but can travel in the sky, whenever it falls on the ground, it will bring delicious spring to the earth, but it also symbolizes the inspiration of literature. BOUCHEORN romanticization of Greek mythology as true, carefully crafted PEGASE BMW ring, shaping the head of BMW JUNYI bow to the streamlined sense of the wings. 2012 New PEGASE BMW ring, 18K white gold set in all white diamonds, flowing elegant outline of mane and wings, diamonds flashing light interpretation of the BMW eye-catching white body, bring out the gentle look of the eyes of sapphires. The same series includes the pearl ring embedded in blue purple corundum PEGASE ring, color like a clear color from the sky and the sea; and advanced custom versions include the central stone inlaid stone ring, and a diamond studded PEGASE BMW Bracelets, more delicate complicated wings and mane, showing a remarkable Aura and magnificent momentum. TORTUE Tortoise series TORTUE Tortoise series Tortoise naive TUTTOUE turtle series vividly with 18K rose gold to create a smooth turtle body and slightly proud posture, head like a smile ascending the mouth lines, with emerald inlaid eyes, naturally lively Looks particularly lovable. BOUCHERON TORTUE pink crystal turtle ring since 2006, the selection of the main pink crystal stone, smooth and smooth carved out of rounded rounded arc and radial lines, pink tone for the animal series adds a playful spring! After a lapse of six years, 2012 BOUCHERON reinterpret the brand classic TOUTUE turtle series, exquisite crafts carving tiger's eye stone as a turtle shell, tiger's eye stone calm mysterious color different from the spring of pink crystal, showing TORTUE turtle series full of mature wisdom Temperament, small tail with rose gold and diamond-studded limbs, exquisite appearance for the TORTUE Tiger eye turtle ring adds a touch of soft, BOUCHERON artisans will play the most ingenuity.

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