BENBO low carbon new industrial park foundation and the natural ecology of the harmonious dialogue

The low-carbon industrial park of BENBO laid the foundation stone in Xinxi Town, Chenghai District, Shantou City on the 15th. The park has strictly followed the standards of green and low-carbon environmental protection from the selection and construction to the later stage, and will realize the modernization of production and nature Ecological harmony dialogue. It is understood that Guangdong Bin Bao Garments Co., Ltd. was selected in 2010 in Guangdong Province 100 traditional industries, and was invited to participate in the Guangdong Province 500 projects in the modern industry. The company spent a huge sum of money 300 million yuan to build a low-carbon industrial park of about 70 acres in Xinxi Town, Chenghai District, Shantou, Guangdong Province, and planned to be the headquarters base of BENBO. BENBO Industrial Park relies on advantageous geographical advantages of Shantou's sea area to establish a new type of industrial area integrating administrative office, production and modern logistics and distribution. The total construction area of ​​96,000 square meters, covering the integrated administration, product testing laboratories, logistics centers, factories and hotel-style apartments and many other modern functional areas. A project is expected to be officially put into use by the end of 2013. The concept of green low-carbon environmental protection is the core concept and standard of BENBO Industrial Park. From the site selection and construction of the park to the later stage of operation, the entire link strictly follows the standards of green and low-carbon environmental protection. She Puxian, Chairman of Guangdong Binbao Garments Co., Ltd., said at the foundation laying ceremony that with the full development of the BENBO brand in the Chinese market, the general logistics base of low-carbon industrial park has been planned and linked from production, display, sales and warehousing to Transport of the entire upstream and downstream industry chain, I believe will be able to Guangzhou Marketing Center and front-line marketing to provide more quality services, thereby enhancing the overall brand competitiveness. BENBO low carbon new industrial park as the cornerstone continues to grow stronger and bigger. The concept of green low-carbon environmental protection is the core concept and standard of BENBO Industrial Park. From the site selection and construction of the park to the later stage of operation, the entire link strictly follows the standards of green and low-carbon environmental protection. It allows the ecology and production and management to achieve win-win results, so that the nature of nature and human civilization harmonious co-existence. BENBO Industrial Park is not only a manifestation of management wisdom and development vision, but also a harmonious dialogue between modern production and natural ecology. Vision of the Landscape Aerial View BENBO Industrial Park is the headquarter of BENBO. With the concept of green and low-carbon environment, BENBO Industrial Park presents the three functional areas of "administrative office, design and production, and modern logistics and distribution", which will cover the product testing of comprehensive administrative and R & D centers Room, logistics center, plant and hotel-style apartments and many other modern areas. Administrative office functional area, bear the BENBO Industrial Park "Chief Staff Officer" function. All areas of BENBO Industrial Park will be connected in an orderly manner to reasonably plan and link up the complete upstream and downstream industry chain from design, production, display, sales, warehousing and transportation to provide quality services for frontline design and production of functional areas. BENBO Industrial Park, the core functional area, but also BENBO Industrial Park respected the concept of green low-carbon environment, the key embodiment of the district. BENBO Industrial Park itself is relying on the natural ecological environment was born in the R & D design, product testing and other new projects will inevitably be introduced based on green, and the environment to reach a harmonious state of existence. Modern logistics and distribution function area, is a collection of BENBO business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow in one of the circulation agencies. Modernization of logistics and distribution center, these "diversion" organically linked together to provide value-added logistics services to speed up the logistics process and reduce logistics costs, improve logistics efficiency and increase the transparency of logistics for BENBO departments and customers to provide a reasonable Distribution system, in the realization of large-scale operation at the same time polymerization effect, so as to obtain higher economic benefits. The establishment of the BENBO Industrial Park has received the great attention and strong support from the Guangdong Provincial Government. It is not only an embodiment of an enterprise's economic expansion, but also focuses more on the intensive use of resources and energy, advocates a green lifestyle and achieves sustainable industrial and social development Development, pay attention to the protection of the development environment, is committed to building a resource-saving, environment-friendly, operating a reasonable type of modern low-carbon industrial park.

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