Balabala children's clothing is about to appear at the Twelfth Shanghai Pregnancy Baby Exhibition

It is reported that Balabala children's clothing is about to debut July 18 ~ 20 2012CBME twelfth Shanghai Pregnant Baby Exhibition. By then, Balabara children's wear will bring us "children free to release themselves, unfettered show all kinds of temperament" children's clothing feast. Balabara brand was established in 2002, advocating "free, unfettered" brand concept and create a one-stop children's clothing shopping platform to give consumers more styles, more choices, Barra Barra's rich product line, covering children, Children, children's shoes and accessories, diverse styles, sports, leisure, urban and other different styles to meet children's wear under different scenarios. Barra Barra, the owner of the famous Chinese leisure brand Semir China's Semir Group in Hong Kong in 2002 to create a children's wear brand, with children's wear as a starting point to "a high starting point, high-grade, low price" for the business development strategy, "pragmatic and open up , Innovation "as business philosophy," urban leisure, fashion, sports, health "style, access to the market and consumers highly recognized. Paraballa, a distinctive brand, a brand with deep insight into children, relies on an unusual brand appeal - "freeing children to release themselves freely and unleashing various temperaments" - out of a different brand the road. Barra Barra made remarkable achievements in brand building, market size and industry influence, and promoted the development of China's children's wear brand. "The amazing growth rate, the success of Barra Barre changed the pattern of children's clothing in China, but also make everyone hope for nothing."

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