Knowledge about the ring

First, about the origin of the ring

The barbarian said: It is said to be the result of the ancient marriage. At that time, the man who grabbed the other tribes put a shackle on her. After many years of evolution, the shackles became engagement and wedding rings, and the men’s wearing a ring for the woman indicated that she had owned me.

Worship says: The ring comes from the ancient sun worship. The ancient ring is made of jade, like the sun god sun wheel, which thinks it is like the sun, giving people warmth, sheltering human happiness and peace; it also symbolizes virtue and eternity, truth and faith. At the wedding, the groom wears a gold ring, symbolizing the fiery sun; the bride wears a silver ring, symbolizing the bright moon.

Taboo: The ring is also called the "ring", and the history book refers to "about", "hand", "generation" and so on. Initially, the ring was a special mark used by the court to shun the group. When you are not able to approach the king with your pregnancy or special circumstances, you will use the golden ring to set your hand on the left hand to ban the emperor's "Yu Xing"; usually use the silver ring and put it on the right hand. Later, the ring was passed to the people, to its original meaning, to be beautiful, and to form a culture over time. From the literal analysis, the word "戒" contains the meaning of forbidden. Therefore, women wear the ring at the time, not to show off beauty, decoration, but to play this prohibition.

Second, the wearing of the ring

Wearing a ring is the language of love. The ring is usually worn on the left hand (it is not convenient to do it with your right hand). In foreign countries, not wearing a ring means "no flowers, no one, you can chase me." According to Western custom, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you. It is related to the heart. Therefore, it is meaningful to wear the ring on the left hand.

The internationally popular Daifa is: index finger: want to get married, said unmarried; middle finger: already in love; ring finger: said that already engaged or married; little finger: said single.

As for the right hand, there is also a sense of wearing a ring with a finger: that is the ring finger. It is said that wearing it here means having the heart of a nun.

Third, the ring story

The ring is more than just an ornament. You like to wear that type of ring. If you like to wear that finger, you will reveal your heart story.

For women: those who love pink diamonds or red corals are rich and romantic; those who love rubies or red niches are passionate; those who love sapphire or aquamarine are more introverted; those who like emeralds or Turkish stones, emotions delicate.

For men: wearing a sterling silver ring means that the temperament is mild, easy to move to others; those who wear gold rings pay more attention to the interests, often have a savvy business mind; Dai jade jade people pay attention to the quality of the quality, strict rigor.

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