Ms. fashion shorts with high waist wear Slim hip was significantly

With the tide of the wear, more and more wear into the women's market for more children and women to provide changeable workplace style, and repeatedly break the traditional wear wear law, that is, the white shirt into Pack hip skirts, pants, dresses and shorts loaded also joined the group of professional wear, high waist wear law has gradually become a trend, both Slim hip but also significant slender legs, seeking for the workplace women A lot of benefits.


Blue and white language 2013 summer clothing

Active pale yellow, fluffy Puff Sleeve, deep blue Peter Fan collar with white beads embellishment, retro and elegant. Loose body into the slim shorts to create a high waist effect, Slim was significant legs, but also outline the perfect body proportion, the professional wear into the diversified trend.

女士时尚短裤搭配 高腰穿法 修身提臀显美腿

Blue and white language 2013 summer clothing

Sleeveless word shoulder shape highlight the workplace Royal sister range children, dark little lapels to the chest fold effect by the way, it is free to three-dimensional, white and plum red stitching pole liner soft skin color, and the collar of the same color small shorts Will also be folded shirt, build high waist effect, pure and stylish career dress without losing the trend of elements.

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