Long fur collar autumn and winter coat Slim waist to enjoy a mature female charm

Fall season, autumn and winter new products are also listed one after another, the long section of the NI coat is still the trend of this year, deeply loved by designers. However, this year added some elegant elements, soft and smooth fur collar joined the ranks of fall and winter equipment, the elegant atmosphere of the fur collar temptation is urban women in the autumn and winter can not resist the designers are attentive, always pay attention to the psychological demands of urban women , Warm and warm without losing the fashion trend is the trend of this autumn and winter.


AESOMINO - Isetha Meiluo 2013 new autumn and winter

Stitching different colors in the visual effect is not the same, the atmosphere of the red and pink nude color with both publicity and not introverted subtle neat cut and Slim waist design highlighted the dignified and elegant modern urban women . Large open collar design with every autumn and winter, the most popular fur collar, comfortable skin-friendly experience from the beginning of the fur collar.

长款毛领秋冬外套 修身收腰领略成熟女性魅力

AESOMINO-Isetha Mei Nuo 2013 autumn and winter new products

In the boring autumn and winter to touch the bright color is a very strong visual impact, generous clothing and self-cultivation waist design in stark contrast, the slender waist line highlights to create a graceful body curve. Black fur collar here is particularly conspicuous around the neck design is just happy to resist the autumn and winter cold wind, both practical and stylish, and this is the temptation of the fur collar.

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