2013 summer new clothing with children's clothing wear law

Although it is early autumn season, but the heat will continue, the blink of an eye already by the end of August, the children also ushered in the school season, early autumn season, the mothers who have prepared a unique costume for children yet? Make your child show a different semester in their new semester. Photo: Kai Te Miu children's clothing 2013 summer new summer new clothing with children's children's clothing are not the same with different results, wear different effects, fresh students dress up, let the baby limitless, cool pure color with white princess shirt, With a light pink princess dress, lace princess dress, cascading style, so baby more beautiful. Photo: Kai Te Miu children's clothing 2013 summer new watermelon red color is the best to bring the child's immature skin, watermelon red T-shirt bow embellishment, more prominent lively and lovely baby, a chiffon dark blue tutu , Dark red with watermelon has become a distinctive color contrast, do not like this with you like it?

Tpr Sole is the same kind of sole made of the same raw material. It's called TPR, but its name is different

TPR sole is a kind of polymer material which is blended and modified by thermoplastic elastomer SBS and other functional aids. It is processed by extrusion, injection molding and molding, and then formed. It has the advantages of antiskid, low temperature resistance, strong bending, good air permeability, small density and strong bonding strength

Tpr Sole

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