Ai Xiu Yaxuan 2014 spring the first wave of the new listing

Near the end of the year, the whole country is still immersed in the cold winter season, Ai Xiu Yaxuan fashion women walk in the forefront of the trend, the grand launch of the first wave of the new 2014 spring, the bleak winter into colorful brilliant spring colors.

Ai Xiu Xuan fashion discount women's 2014 spring new, with a free combination of romantic colors; the pursuit of simple, stylish style, urban women bring romantic, elegant high-quality products, so that every woman in Ai Show elegant Hin Harvested beautiful, enjoy the fashion.

Ai Xiu Yaxuan apparel and nearly a thousand domestic and foreign brands form a strategic alliance, together with many brands of women's enterprises (such as: international brands ONLY, VEROMODA, Hangzhou School: Qiushui Iraqis, three color, OTT, Ming Sha, etc .; Song .... Shanghai send brand women: GM & GD, arts elements, etc.) to ensure that Ai Xiu Yaxuan adequate supply of goods, fashion, high-quality, set up a strong brand women's "concentration camp." And the brand price of 1-2 fold ultra-low prices for each quarter nearly 3,000 models for customers to choose. Now spring 2014 new listing, welcome to join us to consult the discussion!

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