How to distinguish the authenticity of silk quilts?

For consumers and wholesalers who like silk quilts, it is worth watching. There are a lot of brand companies that are not doing bedding, and they are also doing silk quilts. Why do I have to put quotes on the silk quilts for a reason, their silk is not silk quilt, or just short fiber silk quilt and real The silk is very different, so let me talk about how to judge the true and false silk quilt.

In the first step, the quilt's logo is described in detail. Some of the 100% silk quilts are problematic. It is necessary to write 100% mulberry silk or 100% tussah silk.

The second step, each silk quilt should have a look at the mouth, usually between 5-25 cm, there is also a problem below 20 cm, small mouth manufacturers will use good silk to make mouth, blinding consumers. The method of identification is to pull out 20-30 grams of silk, take 5 grams inside to see if it is good, then use a lighter to burn if there is protein burning.

The third step, smelling with your nose, whether it has a taste, is the taste of silk, not musty, or chemical taste.

The fourth step is to look at the silk of the sample first and then rub it in other places to feel the same. The silk is supposed to be slippery, thin and very considerate of our skin. If you buy it, you can also try to consider your skin. This is nothing else than silk.

In the fifth step, after the folding, the silk is pressed, and the rebound is slower than the chemical fiber.

The sixth step, look at the thickness of the silk quilt, is generally used in winter silk quilts, good 2500 grams of silk is quite thick, if not very thick, suspected silk is short fiber silk or other.

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