How to distinguish between pearls and imitation beads

Imitation beads refer to all or part of artificially made imitations. Because of their strong simulation, they often return to the true and false situation. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some simple methods for distinguishing between pearls and imitation beads. Several simple methods of identification are introduced.

How to distinguish between pearls and imitation beads

The pearl hand touches the hand, cool, and has no smooth feeling with the bite of the teeth. It has a feeling of frosting, bite hard, and the sound is crisp, the surface has no dents, and no part of the bead is peeled off. The surface of the pearl has a natural mechanism pattern, and in any case, the color of the gloss is not uniform. In a string of pearl necklaces, there will be some differences in their size, with a natural multicolored pearl luster. At the same time, the pearl hole is observed, and the pearl is sharper at the borehole due to its hardness.

Imitation pearl hand touch has a slippery feel, wet feeling, bite with a smooth feeling, bite hard, the surface will appear concave dents, and even the coating partially peel off. The surface of the imitation bead has a slight bump, lacking a unique pearl luster, and generally has a good roundness, and at the same time, due to the soft imitation of the bead, it will appear concave at the borehole.

Of course, consumers who purchase pearl jewelry, in addition to their own knowledge, can go to a jewelry store with a certain degree of credibility to buy by professionals, so as not to be deceived.

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